"I had tried all sorts of hunting clothes from mens to ones that claimed to be women's but didn't fit right at all even ripping the butt out of a pair! After seeing some posts on facebook about Prois I became intrigued and tracked some down at Scheels to try on. I wanted to see if they were what I had hoped they would be and they were!! A perfect fit! 
     The first trial out in the field I was even more impressed and so was my husband (who is jealous his camo isn't as cool as mine!). He said he lost me since he couldn't hear or see me, I blended in so good! It blends with so many different terrains and works in all the weather conditions! 
    I followed on facebook more carefully and loved everything I saw and everything about this awesome company. The ladies are a world class support system and show exactly what hunting is about! There is no other company I could ever imagine being apart of! I love my Prois Tribe!!"

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