Arizona is tough on clothing let alone hunting clothing that holds up to temperature extremes and prickly plants. 

I had been through a few brands both expensive and not expensive and they were men's. Men's because most women's hunting clothing is not built for women who move, sweat, have muscles, boobs, pack out animals, endure weather and demand performance from their gear at a reasonable price. 
A friend of mine was already a part of Prois and talked the company up so much I was curious. So I bought a couple pieces and I've been hooked ever since. Arm and leg length that is long enough. Materials that hold up to cat claw, cholla and Ocotillo. Fabric that performs in extreme heat or frigid cold. There are pieces that are in my pack for every hunt I participate in. 

Add to that the company of a group of women who demand the same performance in their lives, are a blast to be around, confide in and learn from, Prois has truly been a blessing to my outdoor experiences. 

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