Pradlann Upland Vest



Meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of the field, an upland vest designed to fit a woman’s natural curves. From padded adjustable shoulder straps to lower lumbar support, this vest has it all. Ample storage pockets, dedicated ammo pouches, and a deep expandable waterproof lined game bag makes this a reliable companion for your next upland hunt.


Features & Tech

  • Adjustable waist fits sizes 35"- 71"
  • Weight 53 oz | 1497 g | OSFM
  • PRÒI-Shield™ Durable Water-Repellent finish effectively resists precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.
  • PRÒI-Dry™ Waterproof liner sheds moisture, providing a durable, lightweight, and breathable barrier
  • Deadly quiet Constructed of ultra-lightweight and durable 420D Nylon Rip-Stop
  • Adjustable length shoulder straps
  • Breathable padded shoulder and lower lumbar for added comfort
  • Deep expandable waterproof lined game bag
  • Lower lumbar side panels for one-armed bird stashing ease
  • Dedicated ammo pouches with elastic hooks for secure storage and easy access
  • Back panel storage pockets



Proi-Fresh represents sustainable and highly effective odor control technology that inhibits antimicrobial growth and neutralizes odors. 


Proi-Shield is a waterproof breathable membrane that provides protection from rain, snow and wind while maintaining comfort allowing vapors to escape from the inside to the outside.

product care

For Best Results: Machine wash cold. Line or tumble dry low heat.
For Worst Results: Drag through puddle behind vehicle. Air dry on roof rack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kristi Beatty
A supersized fanny pack!

The Pradlann vest has replaced my usual safety vest for all of my field days at work. As a Biologist and college professor of various field courses, this vest has become an integral piece of gear for my day-to-day work. It has enough blaze orange to keep me safe, plus TONS of pockets and pouches. First Aid kit, field journals, sample containers, snacks, water, GPS, lip balm, safe storage for keys - this vest has room for EVERYTHING. Dump the gear and it quickly transitions to a stellar upland hunting vest with big roomy game pocket and comfort fit! Well balanced, easy to wear. Only drawbacks for me are 1) that I wish the hip belt could be cinched tighter. At 5'7" and 140lbs, it ends up being really loose, even when snugged as tight as possible. Not a huge issue since I'm not carrying 100lbs of gear long-term, but a bit of a peeve. 2) loop and hook that holds the main back pouch closed occasionally comes undone in the brush - again, not a big problem, but a minor irritation that prevents a 5-star rate!

Bonnie Friend
Pradlann Upland Vest.

It works good in warmer weather. It would be nice to have 2 water bottle holders on each side of the back pouch for myself & my dog. The net compartments aren’t strong enough to keep a water bottle inside. I put my water bottles in my back pouch, but had to take them out when I harvested birds. I used the two front pockets for shells and gloves etc.
Also, the padding is thick at the shoulder area where you would raise & mount your gun. In my eyes, I think that could be thinner as not to throw your gun off when raised for a shot.

Autumn Donaugh
Great Upland Vest

This vest is so much better than what I thought I was getting. Super happy with all the pockets and the quality of the vest. I am 5'7" curvy gal and the vest falls at a good length on my hips. I had previously used a cheap hunting vest and this one is definitely worth the money for a good quality vest. The stitching is great and should last much longer than my previous vest and I can't wait to continue using it! My only negative would be the pocket closures, I get that they are for easy use but not my favorite.

Carol Black
Fits well but shell pocket clasps terrible

Fits well for hips and length. Like the pouch size and zipper pocket for first aid supplies. Hip adjustment has no more take up. 5’3” 136 lbs. Elastic straps on shoulder are behind my shoulder. I need to modify for dog collar transmitter. Nothing to put a caribener attached to my dog transmitter. Side pouches for water gape open.

There is a lot of room for improvement

Stats for reference: 5’2”, 175lbs, and curvy with measurements at 38-32-42. Hunting mostly wild birds- blue grouse, sage grouse, Hungarian partridge, chukar and on occasion dropped pheasants. Habitat ranging from open grass prairie to tall thorny sage brush to thick mountain timber and lots of stuff in between.
Pradlann Vest - Where to start with this one…there are so many things I like about this vest and many that I don’t. The cut on the straps and waistband are great. The vest curves around the female body very nicely and weight sits well on the waist. I also like that the chest strap comes up higher than other vests I’ve tried. However…the design team must have never used this vest in the field hunting wild birds. The shoulder straps are horrendously thick. Like so thick you might think this was a pack for packing out meat. The shoulder padding 100% affects gun mount, especially repeated gun mount and mounting on the fly. I’m also not a tiny person by any standard and I have almost all straps cinched down as far as they will go. I’m not sure how small gals could make this vest work for them. I like the clip buckle that quickly allows you to open the game bag. The material of the bag itself is nice and easy to clean. The interior zipper pocket is spacious as well. It’s sized well enough to keep first aid supplies in or snacks. The rear outside pocket is meh. It would be more efficient if it was slightly more built out vs basically like a slip pocket. It’s basically only good for smaller things like a beanie, gloves or gater. I liked the side mesh pockets at first. They allowed me to put two water bottles on each side so I could carry enough water for two dogs and myself. However I’ve lost two bottles already because once they are empty they don’t stay put causing the vest to lose functionality. The shell pockets are just meh. The elastic hooks used for “security” are not secure, even when the pockets are completely full. They are always off kilter from the top flap and always pop off the hook. There should be some Velcro there along the top. If I’m crawling through the grouse woods in timber. I’m constantly worried about dumping a whole pocket of shells. The zip pockets on the shell pockets are almost useless. You can barely fit 4 fingers in the top and my iPhone 12 sticks above the zipper line so it’s useless for storing tech stuff or things like gloves. You might get a Kleenex or Chapstick or your license in there but that’s about it. I do really like the jacket lashes on the bottom. That did come in handy in the field. I feel like it will meet a small number of women's needs but overall there is a lot of room for improvement.