A word from the Posse

Anyone Else!?
Prois Staffer, Jackie Laine gives a clear demonstration on how her goose season is rolling out this year... Anyone else!!!??
Taquito Tuesday
Taquito Tuesday...Wyld Gourmet Style! Elk chili relleno taquitos. Is there such a thing? Well there is today! And they are tasty. Roasted hatch green chilis all cleaned up and stuffed with cheese and pulled braised elk shank and some sweet...
Passing It Down!
Starting them right!Check out Prois Staffer, Mackenzie Sprain's, daughter getting set and ready for Dove Season!#iamprois #proisproud
High Country Ptarmigan Hunting!
Nothing better than saddle bags full of high country ptarmigan for Prois Founder, Kirstie Pike! Finn agrees it would seem! #iamprois #proisproud #womenwhohunt www.proishunting.com
Tradition Tuesday!~
#traditiontuesday shoutout to Prois Staffer, Cheyanne Anoque! #iamprois
Prois...Maui Style!
Prois Fan, Brianna Mancillas, steps out from behind the camera in Maui! #iamprois #proisproud www.proishunting.com
Monday Motivations
The Prois Junior Staffers Are Cleaning Up!
Opening day of Dove Season was undoubtedly quite successful for Prois Junior Staffer, Caroline Allgood! Way to go, young lady!! #nextgeneration #iamprois #dovehunt www.proishunting.com
The Smile Says It All!
And the smile says it ALL! Miss Carissa is already having quite a fall! Here's to passing it on to the next generation! #iamprois #proisproud #proiswasthere #heritage
Passing It On!
Passing It ON!Prois fans Tara Peel and her daughter Carissa show that there is nothing better than girl power when it comes to antelope hunting!#iamprois #proiswasthere #womenwhohunt #heritage
Hunting Pack Snack Recipes!
#TastyTuesday with this perfect and EASY hunting pack snack from Prois Staffer, Whitney Faulstich! 2 bananas 1 egg 3 cups old fashioned oats Optional: chocolate chips Bake 350 for 15 minutes! They stay fresh the best when refrigerated. Enjoy!!
Prois Was There!
Great photo of Prois Staffer & Alaska State Coordinator, Amanda Marr from her caribou hunt up in the Arctic Circle!  
Kristy Lee Cook Gets The Job Done In Alaska!
Strength. Determination. Success. Those three words wrap up Prois Staffer, Kristy Lee Cook’s ALASKA adventure. Congratulations on your caribou harvest. We can’t wait to see this one unfold on The Most Wanted List show!! #iamprois #womenwhohunt #hunting #huntinglife #caribouhunting #alaskahunting...
Sunday Vibes...
NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Blaze into the field in the NEW Prois Blaze Vest! Sizes S-2XL! 4 way stretch, 2 cargo pockets and a side pocket! PERFECT for rifle & muzzleloading seasons!
Taco TWOSDAY...Wyld Gourmet Style!
Taco Twosday- From The Wyld Gourmet... "Blackened wild caught shrimp with micro greens, avacado, mango habernaro salsa and some radish sticks. Yep...that is good! And...May I suggest using @huntchef #straightouttaPontchartrain seasoning For the shrimp and some venison shank meat for...
Venison, Pear, Brie, Spinach Cruch Wraps With Lingonberry Sauce...Wyld Gourmet Style!
Venison Tenderloin, pear, brie, spinach with lingonberry sauce folded crunch wraps.
Read on for some excellent tips from the Wyld Gourmet...
Mountain Goat Memories
Blog witten by – Prois Staffer, Becky Henderson Gerritsen If you would have told me a year ago today that I would be coming home from a 7 day Kodiak spring Mountain Goat Hunt I probably would have laughed and...
Prois Staff Journeys…Aby Rinella
  Hunting has always been a part of my life. My mother was an avid hunter and passed that down to me. I don’t remember a day that the meat on our table was not provided by our own hands,...
Smoked Teriyaki Kokanee Medallions
  We’re not drooling, YOU ARE! Holy deliciousness from Prois Staffer & Montana State Coordinator, Margie Nelson with Wyld Gourmet! Read on for this super easy packed with flavor line up!   Cut, marinate in equal parts Braggs Amino Acids...