Thank you so much for your interest in a staff position with Prois!  We love growing the sisterhood and look forward to connecting with women who share the same passion we do!Here is just a bit of information about our Hunt Staff program.  Int erms of requirements for our Hunt Staff- it is a solid requirement that you are already sporting and loving a bit of Prois.  As well, we really want to see interaction on our social media platforms, etc…We want to ensure that all of our crew are already familiar with the brand, the story and our company philosophies!  We simply ask that staffers promote the brand where they can and when they can.  We want staffers to interact on our social media and get involved with the happenings of the company where it fits into life.  We also believe that life, work and family come first.  We are all mothers, grand mothers, daughters, aunts and the girl next door leading regular lives but doing badass things. We believe that the story of Prois is about all of the women out there wearing Prois, leading regular lives and doing amazing things in the outdoors!If this feels like a great fit for you and you are already rocking and promoting the Prois brand simply fill out the attached application!