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Thank you for your interest in our Prois Staff Program!We have a couple of great programs you may be interested in. If you area hunting or fishing guide, a professional in the hunting or outdoor industry, a retired or active member of the armed forces, or a first responder you may qualify for our pro-discount program where you receive a great discount with no commitment to promote Prois. If you are interested in this program please send proof of your credentials and we will sign you up for this discount. This program can be used to purchase gear for yourself, your significant other, or your children.In terms of our staff program, we look for women that already own, use,and already promote our apparel. If you do not own or currently promote Prois, you are not yet a qualified applicant for our staff program. But don’t fret! Jump into the world of Prois, become a fan and send us your pics!  We are constantly looking for amazing women who love Prois and are sporting the brand!Our staff receives a fantastic discount year-round on Prois apparel.They DO NOT receive free apparel or monetary compensation for wearing or promoting our products. We look for well-spoken women with a social media presence that are avid hunters and outdoors women. We look for women that show consistent respect for wildlife and the animals they harvest. As a women's company, we look for candidates that conduct themselves with class publicly, although a sense of humor is much appreciated. We also look for women that get along with other women and will support and lift up their fellow Prois Posse members. You do not have to be a professional to qualify for a staff!  We believe every woman is a fit for our staff- we are indeed wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, industry pros and the girl next door.  THIS is the world of Prois! If after reading what we offer and what we are looking for in a staff candidate you are interested in and think you qualify for our staff program, please click the link and provide us with a short essay about yourself, your hunting experience, what you like about Prois apparel,and what you would bring to the table in terms of promoting the Prois brand and sisterhood. If you qualify for a staff position we will be requesting photos and we will send you an official staff application!
Thank you again for looking to Prois! We appreciate it and appreciate you!