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The Prois story begins in the high country of Colorado where Prois Founder/CEO, Kirstie Pike, recognized the overall lack in performance-driven hunting gear for women.  In 2008 Prois launched to great acclaim and has held fast to it’s original construct… providing female hunters with the very best hunting gear for any climate, geography or species.

“I’m not one to really want to talk about myself.  The journey of Prois has been filled with every emotion under the sun…and then some!  Bringing this idea to life with no manufacturing experience was crazy…but it worked! But, that’s not to say I may or may not be contemplating writing a book on all of my mistakes.  But wait, that would be a series rather than one book. As Prois grew, we found this amazing group of crazy women who help propel the brand each and every day.  Now, that is not to imply that they are saints because honestly, some of their jokes have robbed me of my innocence.  And this is the world of Prois!  Hunters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and sisters all sharing a passion for the outdoors…and an apparent love for all things unicorn.  Here’s to the Prois Tribe.  And here’s to Prois!”

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 At Prois, we believe women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their hunting and outdoor passions. What sets Prois apart is our belief that women require performance outdoor gear for ALL of their hunting and field pursuits. Our layering systems are quite technical, but philosphically simple…optimal baselayers (Merino Wool or high gradesynthetics), prime insulation layers (Goose down or Primaloft) and durable shell layers to stop wind and water. Our comprehensive line sallow the female hunter to select the precise system she needs for her body type, hunting climate and geography.