Women of a certain age…
By: Marcia Hoff- Prois Staffer


It’s the age where we start to wonder where time has gone, do we still have worth, what is our purpose? You will find your answers girlfriend in the natural world! Lose yourself in the wind, the sun, the forest, and the hills. I don’t think it matters if you are religious or not, there is something that connects a woman to the earth. We can draw strength, calm and purpose from her. When we harvest what she offers there is an organic reaction that is soul filling. She offers us so much for free and using her gifts to create has amazing benefits for the psyche. Hunting, fishing, growing, and gathering; all ways to feed more than just our bellies.

It took me awhile to understand that I absolutely need time outside to be happy. I started hunting in my mid-forties. I had no idea that I was embarking on a journey to find myself and remind me of my worth. It was just something to do with my dog! But it became so much more. It was empowering when I needed confidence and it challenged me to be strong when I thought I was weak. I now have a need to hunt, a need to know that I can provide for myself. I need to be in the woods, the fields, and all the wild places. I need to draw strength from the open spaces, and the creatures that live free. I want to feel the change of seasons and revel in the beauty of life. Mother Nature has so much to offer her daughters and I don’t want to miss a single girl’s night out!

I am a hunter and a woman of a certain age. I am strong but still vulnerable, wise but still learning, and my value is ever increasing.

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