Taco TWOSDAY...Wyld Gourmet Style!

Taco Twosday- From The Wyld Gourmet...
"Blackened wild caught shrimp with micro greens, avacado, mango habernaro salsa and some radish sticks. Yep...that is good!
And...May I suggest using @huntchef #straightouttaPontchartrain seasoning For the shrimp and some venison shank meat for these yummilicious tacos?! I then mixed a little more seasoning up with some heirloon grape tomatos with green onions and some of that Hatch salsa verde I made a while back. Yep....that is good too.
I love taco tuesdays!"

The Wyld Gourmet is none other than Prois Staffer and Montana State Coordinator, Margie Nelson!

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