I've been a Prois fan since day one and let me tell ya, I never imagined my love for the outdoors in addition to having a simple wish to find gear that fit and performed the way I wanted it to, would take me down a life changing path. But alas, it surely did!
The first few items I ordered some 12 years ago were a pair of insulated pants and a wind-stopping jacket. I did a lot of ice fishing and it was so upsetting to have to cut a day on the ice short due to teeth chattering, shivering which led to turning numb. Before Prois, no amount of layering kept me warm enough and I almost gave the sport up altogether. Answered prayers... my newly acquired Prois pieces knocked out the chill and I didn't have to swap my days on the ice for a severe case of cabin fever.
The line has changed a lot since its inception and it's only gotten better and tougher. My "sisters" who represent Prois alongside me are from all over the globe and each of us hunt, fish and hike in drastically varied climates. Trust me when I say the gear is put through the paces. 
My Prois journey has taken me from customer to Hunt Staff member to State Coordinator. All of which has and continues to take me to new heights in living my best outdoor life! 

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