Lehi- The Beat Goes On...
If you were to strike a conversation with Mel Lueck (Prois Staffer) about her-dog, Elhew Thunder 'N Lightning, she answers with such exuberance there are tears in her eyes. Lehi as he is known is a young Elhew pointer who has the conformation and style that exemplifies sixty years of Elhew breeding. He is a beauty. Tough in the field, hard driving,and tenacious with a strong sense of purpose.  Yet after a day afield loves to be with his people enjoying a night by the fire.
When people ask, what is an Elhew pointer?  It is the legacy of a man who had the vision of producing the perfect pointer, that man being Bob Wehle. Breeding the best to the best. The end result was a line bred dog with conformation  and form followed by the function of a tough driving dog. Bob knew that to attain the greatness he sought in a breeding program he had to have tough perimeters and a culling process that maintained the integrity and quality of these dogs. The best to the best no room for anything less.  It combines the following:
Bird Ability
Tenacity and 
An elite athlete that evolved from the many years of a dedicated breeding program
This is Lehi.
His pedigree speaks for itself.
His dam is Elhew Sea Me Run from the Sea dogs, Elhew Sea Coral, Elhew Sea Captain, Elhew Seaman all by Elhew Sea Wolf and a dam who was as hard charging as they come... Elhew Tomboy, who was by two national champions Elhew Ajitator and Elhew Snakefoot. 
On Lehi's sire's side he is out of Elhew Distinction and a Mother Goose daughter.
A well balanced individual that covers the ground with ease.  His stride eating up the countryside.  And just as pretty as the picture when he slams on a point.
He carries with him the bird finding ability and the nose to seek out the chukar in the rim rocks, quail in the valley and mountain, Huns in the stubble, and grouse in the woods.  These birds don't tolerate sloppy dog work and will break readily when pressured too hard. 
When speaking to his drive and tenacity...Lehi is a dog that will run a hard day in the chukar hills up to 6 hrs when we hunt on foot.  He checks back after casts ranging 300 on up to 900+ yards. He'll hunt all day and come back the next ready for whatever awaits.  Eager and willing to please.
His devotion is shown as his eyes light up to be with me, near me and sometimes sitting on top of me in the rocking chair.  One of his favorite pastimes. He loves to stand up and just "hug" ...he truly loves his people.

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