Update from the field from Prois Staffer, Laura Davenport! Read on & Way to go, Laura!! ⤵
"My first duck hunt ever. I got the awesome experience to be on an island in the middle of the Panhandle of FL with Coast Runner Outfitters hosted by American Daughters of Conservation! The lows and highs of the day were 41-51 degrees with winds as high as 19 mph…I was warned…it would be a cold day for FL standards. However, my Prois Womens performance gear came to the rescue! 💪 My Prois Merino wool hat and Athru 3-1 jacket saved the day! I was toasty warm and comfortable throughout the whole hunt because of this quality performance line specifically made for women who enjoy the outdoors! It’s not just a clothing brand, it’s a community"

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