The Story of Veil Camo™ and Cumbre™

The name “Cumbre” means summit or peak. When developing a pattern for Prois hunters, the goal was to achieve a level of concealment that rises above the rest and elevates the hunting experience for all who wear it. Cumbre™ is the culmination of in-depth research and development rooted in the core process Veil Camo™ uses to create game-changing concealment. Working with the research and design team at Veil, Prois™ helped refine Cumbre to be unlike any pattern that has come before it.
Cumbre uses macro and micro shapes combined with textural disruption to create the most aggressive, high functioning, and visually distinctive pattern available for western and eastern pursuits – from hunting Elk in the Rockies to Whitetails in creek bottoms of Pennsylvania. The color palette and shapes were designed through a powerful combination of animal vision and perception research, the mathematical study of fractals and chaos found in hunting environments, and years of hunting experience. The result? A blend of organic browns, grays, greens and tans that work together to create depth and disruption of the human form whether in open space or deep timber. Experience Cumbre from Veil Camo. And take your hunts to the peak of performance..