Prois State Coordinator Spotlight! Cristina McGannon Jones!

Prois has maintained its State/Province Coordinator program for over a year now.  We are proud to say we have 23 coordinators representing 29 states and provinces!  Cristina McGannon Jones has been serving as the Mid-Atlantic States Coordinator since inception of the program and has done great things in her region.  Without further adieu, here is a bit about Cristina!  Oh…she loves ketchup.

Prois:  Just a  bit about you…basically where you live, what you do, your hobbies and loves!
CMJ:  I hail from the great Garden State of New Jersey!  Where I currently live in Oxford, NJ, a small town in the north western part of the state with my husband Andy and our chocolate mutt Foley.  I left the law firm life of being a paralegal after 15 years in early 2017 to work at a non-profit in an administrative capacity; growing membership, fostering relationships and planning events! This allowed me to pour more of my time and energy into things I love.  One of my biggest passions is volunteering! I am the NWTF NJ State Chapter Secretary and Board Member as well as the NWTF NJ State Women in the Outdoors Coordinator.  Aside from hunting, I love to fish.  My husband and I spend a lot of time bass and trout fishing here in NJ. Also, I am a licensed trapper in the state of NJ and am enjoying helping control the raccoon population.  I love to read, write, am obsessed with photography, travel, essential oils, cooking, baking and anything Christmas!  Oh, and ketchup.  I LOVE ketchup.

Prois:  How long have you been on staff with Prois?Prois Mid-Atlantic States Coordinator, Cristina McGannon Jones!
CMJ:  I officially joined the staff in March 2015

Prois:  When did you become a state coordinator?
CMJ:  In April 2017 I became a state coordinator.

Prois: What have you found to be the most rewarding part of being part of the Prois Posse?
CMJ:  The single most rewarding part of the Posse is meeting so many incredible women.  Every single posse member has a unique background and life story, which means each lady brings something different to the table and that has been such an life breathing inspiration.

Prois: What are your ultimate goals as Mid-Atlantic States Coordinator?
CMJ: My main goal is to get the Prois brand known among the hunting, fishing and trapping community here in NJ and the north east.  In doing that, I hope to share the incredible passion for the outdoors and the drive to get and keep women involved in the outdoor sports that Prois fosters.

Prois: How do you feel female hunters can continue to band together and support each other?
CMJ: In an industry dominated by men, it can be hard to get started as a new hunter, to get back into hunting or to even stick with it.  I see it almost every day, women who want to get out there, but just don’t know where to go.  There is an initiative the National Shooting Sports Foundation and subsequently many conservation organizations, and even many state Wildlife Agency’s are adopting called R3.  Recruit, retain and reactivate.  These programs are incredibly important, and I think it’s an amazing time to be a female hunter.  There are organizations everywhere that want to help female hunters by giving them a place, a mentor, an opportunity and a voice.  It is so important that we work together to give our time and our tools to give female hunters a voice and a place to go, virtually and physically to find the support they need.

Prois: When did you start hunting?
CMJ: 2011

Prois:  What do you find to be the most rewarding part of hunting?
CMJ: All of it!  The entire experience from planning your trip or even just an afternoon in the woods.  The minute my boots hit the ground, it’s an adventure.  You never know what will happen, what amazing beauty mother nature will bestow upon you.  Will you see deer or turkeys or bear or caribou? What will the sunrise or sunset be like?  Will you fill a tag? And if you are lucky enough to harvest, what will you do with it?  What meals will it provide, will you mount it to enjoy in your home forever?  It’s not about a single sit in a tree, or a walk through the tundra.  It’s an all encompassing love, appreciation and respect for the outdoors and what it can provide for us.

Cristina has done a fantastic job as the Mid-Atlantic States Coordinator.  She has attended many functions, worked as a mentor and has grown the grassroots awareness of hunting and Prois to the ladies in her region!  Thank you from all of us at Prois!