Prois Pro-Staffers and Olympic Biathletes, Tracy and Lany Barnes Give Us the Low Down!

Tracy and I wanted to send you a little update with some pictures  and let you know how our pre-Olympic training has been going and how our legs are doing since the surgery this winter. This time a year there aren’t a lot of events going on in our sport, but we call it the silent suffering phase. We are quietly pushing ourselves to the limit to make sure we are in the best shape we can be in to beat the best in the world. We started full time training several months ago and so far the legs have responded really well.  We are still continuing physical therapy to keep our lower legs loose and to break up any scar tissue we have from the surgery. Our scars have faded to the point where they are almost invisible, so we are really happy with how the surgery went and also how well we healed.


After the last bit of snow melted a few weeks ago, Tracy and I started incorporating more running, biking, rollerskiing, and strength training into our schedule. We are doing two workouts a day that last anywhere from 2-4 hours a piece that will help us build the endurance necessary to sustain the intensity we are just starting to build into our training. We have a running race (1/2 marathon) this weekend that will be a good test of our fitness and will also help us to compare out times from our results from this race last year before the surgery. Over the next several months we will gradually increase the length and intensity of our training to help us be in top shape by the time the winter rolls around and the Olympics start.


Our first really big training camp will be in Alaska starting in July. At the end of the training camp we will join the Babes with Bullets pistol camp. It is a camp set up for women of all ages and abilities from beginners to experts and taught by some of the best pistol shooters in the world like Kay Michulek andrun by Deb Ferns. After that camp we will head out to Vermont to prepare for the first set of trials races we have for our Olympic team selection process. Those races will be onrollerskis and Tracy and I are hoping to defend our titles there from last year.


Tracy and I also have seen a huge improvement in our shooting. We were very fortunate to be given permission to use a ski area that is on private land to do our combination training and set up our very own shooting range. By combination training we mean skiing, running, biking, rollerskiing, etc and shooting. We train a lot by combining the physical training with shooting to practice shooting with a heart rate so we are comfortable with coming into the range as hard as we can and with a heart rate of around 180 beats per minute.  The ski area is a perfect place to practice because it we can challenge our physical fitness by running up the runs and hone our shooting skills by shooting under stress and fatigue at the top


We are very excited to see the improvement so far in our training and eager to see the snow fly again to get a chance at beating our European competitors after struggling last year with Exertional Compartment Syndrome. This should be a very fun and exciting Olympic year. We are confident in our chances of bringing home the first ever medal for biathlon in the Olympics. We like to look at it as a New Season, New Attitude, New Legs, and a Winning Mood!! Thanks for all your support. We wouldn’t be able to push ourselves day after day if we didn’t know you were rooting for us. Thanks for being a part of our journey and our Olympic dream. Have a great summer.

-Tracy & Lanny

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