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Rewards Membership


How do I become a member of the most amazing membership program EVER??

It’s so easy it hurts. Simply email sign up at the bottom of this page… online. You can also tell is in painful detail how much you LOVE Prois and you couldn’t go on if you didn’t become a member. The greater the flattery, the cooler the membership card. Just saying. Once we receive your application, give us just a smidge of time to process your request. Once we do that…boom…you will be a member! We will issue you your very own Prois Membership card. And let us tell you… it is pretty cool. But- the card literally means nothing without the one of a kind membership number created JUST FOR YOU. Yeah, we cater to individuality. That’s how we roll. Your membership number can be used for 20% discounting on online purchases of Prois Clothing. Yeah. The motherlode.

How do I use my membership code for discounts?

It’s simple, really. Seriously. Once you place your order online you will be asked for a promo code. Simply enter your membership number and you will be handsomely rewarded with Prois gear and an amazing discount. Now, keep in mind that the membership code only works for Prois Clothing and is not redeemable for gift cards, clearance items, backpacks and boots. HOWEVER, please note that even if you do not receive a discount for certain items, purchase of those items will indeed be calculated into your year-end totals for your dividend. That seems fair, right??

How do I earn my dividends?

BUY, BUY, BUY! That’s how! So, we will track all of your purchases at Prois over the course of the year. At the end of the calendar year, we will tally all of your purchases and you will magically receive a dividend code equal to 10% of your total annual purchases. Yeah. We think that’s pretty cool too. Essentially, we are buying your love and loyalty. We are shallow enough to accept that. Your dividend code will function as a gift card to be used for purchases on Prois.

When do I get my dividend statement?

Notices for dividends will be sent out in January of the year following accrual.

How do I spend my dividends?

With reckless abandon, of course. You will receive a Dividend Code that will be utilized as a coupon code at checkout. You are not able to apply dividend purchases to your annual accrual. While that would be really cool of us…we would never make money. And that matters. Dividends can be applied to all Prois clothing, logowear and accessories. Not valid with boots, gift cards, backpacks, game bags, etc…

Can I redeem my dividends for a check?


When does my dividend expire?

Good question. Your dividend code will expire June 1 of the year you received your dividend. So get going!


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