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Prois Junior Staff Contest Applications


Prois Junior Staff Contest!

This contest is open to girls ages 12-17.  To enter each girl must write an essay explain why they would like to be a member of Prois brand new Junior staff, what they love about hunting, and why hunters are animal lovers and conservationists.  Entries must include 1-3 photos of the applicant hunting, fishing, or enjoying the outdoors.  The winner will receive a Prois setup in her size and a Junior staff position with Prois, second place will receive a Prois Jacket and a Prois Junior Staff position, and third place will receive a Prois Vest.  Application will be accepted until September 15th.  Winners will be announced September 30th!

Junior Staff

A Prois Junior-Staff Member may or may not be a hunting professional but her love for hunting is evident to everyone who knows her.  She is 12-17 years old and has parental permission to apply and participate in hunting and outdoor activities.  She spends many hours in the field, promoting the sport, and spends much of her free time pursuing her sport.  We also look for girls volunteering in their communities and working for conservation.  She actively promotes Próis using the avenues available to her whether it is through social medis, blogs, radio or TV appearances, gear reviews, or publications.  She or her parents send us regular updates including photos of her activities wearing Prois apparel.  When sending us media staff are granting us permission to use their images and media to promote Próis through all avenues we see fit.   Please let us know when providing us with media of any restrictions in its use.


Though Junior Staff do not have a baseline amount of free gear for the year they can earn Prois Bucks just like the other positions through their promotions.  Junior staff and their guardians are also entitled to purchase apparel at wholesale pricing.  All staff are responsible for paying shipping on all gear requests.

Junior Staff are encouraged to provide us with updates, photos, or video of her activities whenever applicable and we will in turn promote her to the best of our abilities. Junior-Staff members are not expected to participate at as high a level as our Field or Pro-Staff members but if she chooses to do so she could be promoted or earn free gear to use as she chooses.  All Staff members are also expected to respond in a timely fashion to requests for information.

If at any time we feel that a staff member is not living up to these expectations we reserve the right to discontinue their staff membership.  However, we strive to keep an open line of communication and we will speak with you if there is a problem.  We agree to promote our Staff through every avenue we have available and to provide you with the gear you need as avid hunters and outdoors women.

Junior Staff Contest

  • Parental Consent

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