Southern Fried Turkey Tenders

Amazing recipe from Prois Staffer & New Jersey Coordinator, Cristina Mcgannon!

Southern Fried Turkey Tenders

1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1-2 Wild Turkey Breasts, cleaned, trimmed and sliced into tenders (or nuggets)
1 cup Flour
Garlic Powder
Vegetable Oil

Soak wild turkey meat in the sweetened condensed milk for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.

Heat oil.  While the oil is heating, combine the flour and spices in a sturdy paper bag. Remove soaked tenders, shake excess condensed milk and place in bag. Shake well to coat. Cook in heated oil 4-5 min per side.

Serve straight, with some honey, some sauce… whatever you like.  You can also use a Gluten Free Flour to make this a GF recipe and it is just as tasty.

A Word From The CEO…The Transition To A Direct Sales Model and Hunter S. Thompson

By:  Kirstie Pike
Prois Founder and CEO

It’s official.  We have transitioned into our direct sales model and have navigated this sales model now for over a year.

So how is it going?

All I can say is this…I wish I had made this move years earlier.  I honestly do.

As we ventured into this model change, we analyzed all foreseeable pros and cons.  We talked to other companies operating under the direct model.  We pulled all hands on deck and really discussed how this model would benefit Prois as a whole.  We made the decision and made yet another leap of faith.  That’s not to say it didn’t cause our blood to race a bit.

I am often asked what makes this model work so well for Prois, when other companies such as Robinson Outdoors are filing for bankruptcy.  Here it is in a nutshell…

  1.  Control over our inventory. This allows us to keep less inventory on hand.
  2. Control over customer service.  Prois offers spectacular customer service.  We stand solidly behind the company and our products.  While many retailers may offer good customer service, no one loves Prois as much as we do.  We will move heaven and earth to provide a good customer experience.
  3. Control over sales.  Often, a manufacturer can be bound to not running sales so as not to compete with their retailers.  This is tough for a manufacturer as we cannot capitalize on seasons, low cash flow periods or over stock.  Now we are free to move about the proverbial cabin.
  4. Control over pricing.  We are now only competing with ourselves.  Thus…our goal is to provide the best pricing possible for our customers.
  5. Knowledge of our customer base.  We now know who all of our end users are.  We can reach them.  Survey them.  Reward them.
  6. Improved profit margins.  There is no middle man.  There are no retailer co-op fees.  There are no chargebacks.  There are no high volume returns.
  7. No affiliate sales out the backdoors of retailers.  This means…retailers may from time to time place Prois on Ebay or Amazon to short sell it.  This was problematic not only for Prois, but for competing retailers as well.
  8. Reduced expense for sales support information, merchandising, etc…
  9. Reduced expense for dealer-based trade shows.
  10. We are able to remain nimble.  We can go where the market directs us rather than be pigeon-holed into one model.
  11. Grassroots.  We have blown up our grassroots efforts and this has been very beneficial.  And fun!  Getting face to face with our customers is so rewarding.  Many manufacturers never know who their end users are.  They don’t necessarily care either.  In my opinion…if you don’t know your end user, you don’t know your company.
  12. It allows this business to run on a smaller staff.  And by that, I mean in-house staff.  We have brought on 17 state coordinators who work remotely and work to bolster regional awareness and sales.

So with that, have there been any down sides to the changes we made in our sales  model?  The answer is very few.  When I look at the books and the overall fluctuations in the market, I am very pleased. Especially when it is a well known industry fact that the camo category has been very difficult for retailers over the last two years.

In the words of Hunter S. Thompson..’Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing’
Amen to that.