3-L Prois Logo Face Mask
3-L Prois Logo Face Mask

3-L Prois Logo Face Mask

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The 3-L premium washable & reusable Face Mask offers triple-layer protection, aiding in repelling water & droplets from coughs/sneezes along with increased comfort & fit. 
WEIGHT 1.6 oz | 45 g
PROTECTION Fluid repellent

Exterior: 100% Polyester Shell

Mid-Layer: 30/70 Cotton Blend Filtration

Intrior Liner: 60/40 Nanofine Cotton Blend

FIT Lightweight | Early Season
CONDITIONS Mild | Dry | Wet | Wind | Hot
PATTERN Veil® Camo - Cumbre


  • Agion Antimicrobial Treated
  • 3-Layer Filtering For Added Protection
  • Fluid Repellent 
  • Intelligent Design For Comfort Fit
  • Washable Up To 30 Times (Maintaining Antimicrobial Efficiency Up To 90%)
  • Outer Layer 100% DWR Treated Polyester
  • Mid-Filtration Layer 30/70 Cotton Blend
  • Inner Layer 60/40 Nanofine Cotton Blend


Utilizing copper & silver antimicrobial technology, Agion is designed to automatically release its antibacterial ingredients only when conditions allow bacteria to grow. This capability allows for long-term product protection against bacteria which breaks down the cellular walls of bacteria. Agion also meets strict ecological and toxicity requirements and is environmentally friendly.


  • Agion Smart Release Technology
  • Zeolite Silver Ions Aid In Blocking Respiration Bacteria
  • DWR Treated (Outer Shell)
  • Veil® Camo - Cumbre


Machine wash. Line dry or tumble dry low.

Of course, only heed these instructions if you want your gear to last. Otherwise...go nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Evelyn Quigley
The most comfortable fabric face mask ever

I’m a hospital based RN who literally wears surgical face masks all day at work. The Prois fabric face mask is by far the most comfortable reusable washable face mask that I’ve ever worn. I keep one in my car and one in my purse at all times.

Brian Williams
Face mask

Wife loves them. Very comfortable and soft. Always a great product from this company!!

Kelly Williams
Face mask

As much as I don't like wearing these things they are required at my work...I love this is lite and soft with enough coverage at the nose to keep from fogging up my glasses..

Kim Dobson

I’m pleased with the products but I would ask that there be more of a selection for petites and more items to selection per patterns.

I killed an 8 pt News years eve in Texas :)

Happy New Year


I purchased this because I have a hunt booked in Canada in the fall. I figure if I have any hope of getting to hunt, I will definitely be required to have a mask. This is a great option to match all of the other Prois gear I will (hopefully, if the border opens!) be taking on the hunt. It is very comfortable (or as comfortable as a mask is gonna get...).

The female hunter

is empowered to be a provider. From the moment of the harvest to the processing of her organic food source to serving a healthy meal for the family, she relishes the role.  In addition, the female hunter is drawn to the Sisterhood…that unique group of women who share her same passions and pursuits.

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