State Coordinator Spotlight!

Mia with her 2016 state wide raffle tag pronghorn buck.

State Coordinator Spotlight this month goes to our Colorado State Coordinator, Mia Enstrom. Mia has been a longtime supporter of Prois and wears the “P” with pride on all her adventures. She’s a fantastic photographer, mother and does amazing work for Prois including being our Social Media Coordinator.  She’s a hardcore hunter who’s passion runs deep and we’re proud to spotlight her this month.


Prois: Tell us a bit about you…basically where you live, what you do, your hobbies and loves!

Mia: The life of a wife to a Taxidermist. A small town in Southwest Colorado is where I call home. As well as being an “Hunting Junkie” as called by some of my family, I also love life behind a camera lens, time in the pasture with cows & horses, and chasing around a two year old boy that calls me Momma. My life revolves around the great outdoors and every chance I get to break away from the day to day I’m headed for the hills. From taking pictures, shed hunting, basically hunting for whatever is in season, or just a drive up on the mountain the great outdoors is my happy place and where I love to be with my family & friends.

Prois: How long have you been on staff with Prois?

Mia: I was approached by Kirstie in the fall of 2014 to join as a Prois Staffer. I was in-between a bear hunt and in route to help out a cousin on his bighorn ewe sheep hunt. Needless to say I was beyond stoked to join the posse even though the threat of Kirstie ugly crying if I neglected to accept was a tempting sight to see.

Prois:When did you become a state coordinator?

Mia: I became a state coordinator in the fall of 2016. I had just wrapped up a statewide raffle tag pronghorn hunt and was gearing up for a bighorn ewe sheep hunt of my own… (funny how these amazing things happen around a sheep hunt?!) I was enthralled at the opportunity!

Mia up in sheep country on her ewe hunt.

Prois: What have you found to be the most rewarding part of being part of the Prois Posse?

Mia: The sisterhood. Hands down. I had no idea what I was walking into when I approached the Prois booth at WHCE in 2014 and met Kirstie Pike. Upon first sentence I was accepted into what has been the most supportive group of ladies I’ve ever been around. We support each other on not only our hunting adventures but on life’s adventures as well. We all have each others backs through thick & thin. Did I mention we laugh? We laugh A LOT.

Prois: What are your ultimate goals as Colorado State Coordinator?

Mia: To continue my grassroots approach and introduce Prois to more eyes in Colorado. Not only to make them aware of the amazing gear Prois produces but to welcome them into the Posse family. I have met some amazing and dedicated hunters in Colorado that really fuel my fire to continue. To be completely honest, What really fuels my fire is meeting the next generation that takes to the woods every fall for the love of the hunt! Introducing all of these ladies to technical gear designed by women and made for women to set them up for their adventures fills me with pride! My ultimate goal would be to really grow our annual Prois gathering in Colorado. More ladies coming together for the love of Prois & hunting that can kick back and have a great time! I mean, who doesn’t wanna kick back in the mountains in Colorado?!

Prois: Who is your inspiration?

Mia: I was raised by inspirations and am now married to one… However, If i was to spotlight one, it would be my Mom. This woman loves to hunt and her passion come open season every year is something that truly inspires me! Her smile when it all comes together is priceless. She embarked on a DIY elk hunt in Colorado and came out of that hunt with an amazing 355” bull. When I received a trophy picture the first thing I looked at was that smile, Not the bull she harvested. I can only hope when my little guy grows up he views me the way I view her as a hunter. Her passion shows true and she is a dead eye I’m proud to call my Momma. Did I mention she wears Prois?!

Mia and her mother, Francine.

Prois: How do you feel female hunters can continue to band together and support each other?

Mia: Two words. Dig deep. There’s a lot of going back and forth over what kind of gun you shoot, what kind of bow you draw back, your optics, your camouflage, etc. I like to toss all that aside and dig deeper. We are all hunters. We’re all on the same team. We’re all conservationists. Taking this approach sets us all up to become a united front. Women are strong and a force to be reckon with when they unite. It really is an awesome thing see all of these amazing ladies come together for the love of the HUNT!

Prois: When did you start hunting?

Mia: I was born and raised a hunter. There’s a trophy photo of my Mom in the bed of truck with a coastal blacktail buck she harvested holding me in the photo as a baby. The tradition was passed down throughout my entire childhood. As soon as I was old enough to get my hunting licenses I was on it. Harvested my first buck months after pas

Mia in her happy place, the great outdoors!

sing my hunters education.

Prois: What do you find to be the most rewarding part of hunting?

Mia: Hunting is a well rounded and humbling experience. There’s not just one part that I find most rewarding. Every little piece comes with reward. The hunt itself, Being around family & friends, putting meat on the table, and of course taking part in wildlife conservation at it’s finest. All of this brings reward to me and fuels my passion to get back out there every year to do it all again.

State Coordinator Spotlight!

State Coordinator Spotlight goes to Alaska/Arizona State Coordinator, Joni Marie Kiser! Where do we start on a woman like Joni? From previous bow shop owner, Promoting Prois with a passion, to even starting up her own company (Rockstarlette Outdoors) Did we mention she’s an amazing hunter with a bow? Joni is the real deal and we are so proud to showcase her this month with the State Coordinator Spotlight! Thank you for everything you do for Prois!

So, Let’s get this started & learn a little bit about Joni!

Question: Just a  bit about you…basically where you live, what you do, your
hobbies and loves!

Answer: I live in Alaska currently and have just started building a home in
Northern Arizona where I plan to move later this year.
I love bowhunting, photography, painting, crafting, traveling, writing
and anything that has to do with my Bulldog

Question: How long have you been on staff with Prois?

Answer: I started on staff with Prois in 2013 as a Field Staff and moved to a
Pro Staff in 2017

Question: When did you become a state coordinator?

Answer: 2016 I became the Alaska coordinator and now for 2018 Ill be the Arizona
one with a bit over overlap because I love multi-tasking 😊

Question: What have you found to be the most rewarding part of being part of the
Prois Posse?

Answer: There is such an amazing sisterhood with the ladies in the
Prois Posse. Its a real blessing to be connected with so many strong,
amazing, badass women from all over the world! Their support and
encouragement gives me strength. I have met some of the most incredible
women through Prois, who share my interests and values and who I know
will be life long friends.

Quesrion: What are your ultimate goals as Alaska State Coordinator?

Answer: I spent plenty of years fairly miserable in “mens” hunting camo that did
not fit. When I found Prois, I thought, YES!! So I am passionate about
increasing brand awareness for women – that there is great quality hunting gear available
for serious female hunters. Gear that is well made, that can handle the conditions that you incur when you are out there stalking, hiking, climbing, sitting, whatever it might be  in the elements. I think some women gravitate to men’s lines because they think that is the only “real” hunting gear out there and I feel like its my job to show them how wrong they are!

Question: Who is your inspiration?

Answer: It is certainly my father. He passed away a year ago, but he was my
absolute hero. He was strong yet kind, he was honest, fair and believed
that there was nothing more important than ethics and integrity. There
was nothing stronger than his word. He was deeply respected in the hunting community here in Alaska and Nationally.
He was a conservationist and he gave back to the hunting community ten
fold. He loved hunting so much, it was the core of who he was. He was always upbeat and he spent so much time encouraging others; he made you feel like you could do anything you set your mind to. I try every day to encourage and support
others and I continually to try to fill his gigantic shoes and to make
life decisions that would make him proud.

Question: How do you feel female hunters can continue to band together and
support each other?

Answer:  Im super passionate about being vocal about supporting other ladies
that hunt by trying to be there for advice for new hunters via social media or
volunteering with local organizations and by organizing group trips
where some experienced and some new ladies get together to hunt so
everyone can learn from each other. For the past 5 years I have set up 2 of these
hunts a year and they are always really well received!! I think its
really important for experienced ladies who have been in the hunting
industry for a while to reach out and mentor ladies who are new to hunting and help
them to learn about hunting ethics and to empower them. We were all new
hunters once!!

Question: When did you start hunting?

Answer: I grew up with a father who was a Master Guide and Outfitter here in Alaska – so hunting was in my blood from day
1. He was an amazing bush pilot and I got to visit many remote places in
Alaska growing up that fueled my love for the outdoors. I became an avid
bowhunter when I met my husband. When I took my first black bear with a
bow – that was it for me. I had no interest in hunting with a gun after
that and bowhunting was all I could think about! Now Ive taken 24 animals with my bow and I
have a big long bucket list of many more hunts that I want to do!

Question: What do you find to be the most rewarding part of hunting?

Answer: For me, it is the entire experience. The planning, the anticipation, the
connections with other hunters in the field or in camp, the quiet
moments out in the mountains or woods. I am definitely someone who takes
the time to soak in the little things, the way the trees sway
in the wind, the calls you hear in the distance, the smell of fresh rain
in the forest. Probably sounds a little cheesy but the harvest for me
is just a tiny piece of the whole picture. Planning a stalk, executing
it and making a fast, clean ethical kill are very rewarding and important too. But I also love going back to camp and swapping stories, coming home and being in
the afterglow while you are able to cook healthy wild game
for your family. Every part of that make the hunt special to me.

Prois State Coordinator Spotlight! Introducing Wisconsin State Coordinator, Jennifer Dums

Prois is blessed to have such a great support system in state and province coordinators.  Each coordinator works hard to build the grassroots sisterhood and following for Prois.  Additionally, they work to cultivate a deep sisterhood of female hunters.  These ladies offer such great support to the home office and their accomplishments should be shouted from the mountaintops.  But since weProis Wisconsin State Coordinator Jennifer Dums can’t really shout from the mountaintop from the office, we shall do the next thing!  Blog it!

Introducing Jennifer Dums, Prois Wisconsin State Coordinator.  Jennifer has done a fantastic job in expanding the awareness of the Prois brand as well as building the network of women in the region.  She is active on the Prois Wisconsin State Page and has worked numerous trade shows and WITO events for Prois.  She has boosted sales and essentially functioned as a walking billboard for the company.  Additionally, she STILL tolerates Kirstie Pike and Katherine Grand. We cannot express our appreciation for all she has done!

So…meet Jennifer!

PROIS:  Just a  bit about you…basically where you live, what you do, your  hobbies and loves!
JENNIFER:  I grew up in the UP of Michigan and live in Northern Wisconsin with my  husband, Darren.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music  performance and music has always been my passion.  I also have a  strong passion for animals and medicine. I also have an associate’s  degree in veterinary technology and have been working as a licensed  technician for over 10 years in small animal practice.  Hunting and  fishing has been a part of my life since I was a very young girl.  Our  family depended on gardening, gathering, hunting, fishing and  preserving food to sustain our life.  I was an avid angler my whole  life, only taking up hunting after marrying my husband. I have always  loved the idea of growing and harvesting food and knowing exactly  where my meat comes from.  Since my first deer harvest, I have been  hooked on the outdoor lifestyle and the feeling of being able to  provide for myself and my family.   Hunting and fishing has become an  important bonding activity that my spouse and I share. Together, we  have harvested many animals such as deer, wild hog, alligator,  pronghorn, small game, upland and waterfowl.

PROIS: How long have you been on staff with Prois?
JENNIFER:  I have been on staff for 1.5 years.

PROIS:  When did you become a state coordinator?
JENNIFER: I became the WI state coordinator 1 year ago (September, 2016)

PROIS: What have you found to be the most rewarding part of being part of  the Prois Posse?
JENNIFER:  The most rewarding part about being a member of the Prois Posse is the  strong bond of the other women in the group.  We are dedicated to  supporting each other and other female sportswomen. It is a great  feeling to have a group of like minded women to share ideas, tips,  stories, successes, failures and personal struggles with and know that  they will support you unconditionally. We are all on the same side and  stick together.

Secondly, but not any less important.  I am so proud to represent a  company that is so supportive of women in the outdoors.  I joined  Prois because I love the fit, warmth and functionality of the clothing, but I stayed for the sisterhood!

PROIS: What are your ultimate goals as Wisconsin State Coordinator?
JENNIFER:  My two main goals as Wisconsin State Coordinator are:

1. Create a  group of like minded women in the same area to be able to network,  bounce ideas, support each other in our endeavors and get together  occasionally to participate in outdoor activities.

2.Bring awareness  to the women I meet about Prois and why they absolutely need Prois  gear in their lives

PROIS: How do you feel female hunters can continue to band together and  support each other?
JENNIFER:  I think that we all need to remember that we are on the same team.  I  see so many hunters on social media arguing about gear you are using,  shots taken, bow vs gun, and there is so much hostility.  We are all  hunters, we should be supporting each other even though we all do  things differently.  Women especially need to support each other.  We  have a hard enough time making ourselves heard as legitimate  sportswomen and should not be putting others down.  We can do this  publicly on social media by commenting with encouragement, and  positive  motivation.  Also, by joining your state Prois FB page, you  can bond with other women close to you who enjoy the activities in  which you also participate.

PROIS: When did you start hunting?
JENNIFER:  I have been hunting for a little over 10 years.  My husband took me  deer hunting and I shot my first doe on public land.  After that, I  was hooked on providing for myself.

PROIS:  What do you find to be the most rewarding part of hunting?
JENNIFER:  There is a lot of planning and time involved in hunting.  When you are  successful and can harvest an animal you prepared for, it is a great  feeling of personal accomplishment. It is not about trophies, it is  not about the biggest and the best, it is about being personally  successful.  This may mean an animal you have never hunted before,  using a bow for the first time, spending time outdoors with family,  providing a wild turkey Thanksgiving, whatever your goals are.  The  best part, for me,  is enjoying a home cooked meal consisting of the  meat from animals you have harvested and watching my family enjoy it  with me.


Prois currently has 22 state and province coordinators on staff.  Their work is tireless and these ladies are all remarkable!  For more information about Prois or becoming a Prois staff member, visit our website at