New Pattern and New Designs Offer New Level of Performance for Serious Female Hunters


Torai Midweight Jacket

Gunnison, CO — Próis® Hunting & Field Apparel, manufacturers of the most technical, high-performance hunting apparel for women, is proud to announce its plans to launch in 2018 an entirely new assortment of designs from head to toe in its new Próis /Veil® Cumbre™ camo pattern.


“We have recently secured all new sourcing for the Próis line. This means our plans for a fresh new line-up in 2018 are in full swing, which will completely replace our current inventory,” states Próis CEO, Kirstie Pike.  “We are knocking it out of the park on our new-for-2018 designs and we can’t wait to share them with female hunters everywhere.”


Próis is working diligently to offer new designs complete with new fabrics and new cuts. “With our new sourcing, we are able to focus on every minute detail to achieve a whole new level of perfection.” Pike adds.  The 2018 assortment will include everything a female hunter will need for any type of hunting in any weather condition — from merino wool, new down products and updated rain gear to state-of-the-art warm weather and mid-weight apparel.


Perhaps the most exciting news of all is that all current inventory at Próis is on clearance to make room for the new lines.  All Próis clothing is currently marked down to 50% off MSRP while supplies last.  Check out this fantastic sale at

Próis worked closely with Veil® Camo to create a pattern with a diverse western landscape in mind, while also utilizing colorations that provide excellent concealment in all regions.  Próis/Veil Cumbre contains both macro disruption and textural disruption strategies that come together in one of the most aggressive, high functioning and visually distinctive patterns available.  The color palette is a careful combination of tones pulled directly from the environment and used in a calculated balance that ensures maximum performance.  The blends of browns, grays, greens and tans are carefully synchronized to create disruption that works in open space as well as deep timber.  Cumbre stands for “above the rest”..and it is THE ideal camouflage for serious female hunters that demand a new level of performance from their concealment strategy.


About Próis Hunting & Field Apparel

Olann Merino Half-Zip

Próis has been the leader in women’s technical hunting gear since 2008 and believes women hunt hard and deserve the highest performing gear to support their pursuits.  All Próis gear is engineered expressly for women and the company utilizes only the most top-rated performance fabrics to provide wind stopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. The company’s out-of-the-box thinking has resulted in award-winning designs that have raised the bar for women’s outdoor apparel.  For more information about Próis Hunting & Field Apparel, visit: Pró


Próis offers sub-licensing opportunities of the Próis /Veil Cumbre pattern to fellow manufacturers. For more information, email:

A Word From the Prois CEO- Skulls and Maggots and Wind…Oh My!

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women


Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I have this weird allure to skulls.  No, not human skulls.  That would be weird.  And I suspect illegal.  I simply find great beauty in skulls of animals and birds. While this may border on obsessive, I clip the heads of all birds I hunt.  I save the heads of just about everything so I can make European mounts or just to collect the skulls.  While this looks like some deep, dark confession, I happen to know I am not alone here.  Skulls are just freaking cool.

For years, I have boiled bird skulls.  Picked flesh.  Re-boiled skulls.  Re-picked flesh.  I enjoy the process and really love when a skull turns out.  Bird skulls have such delicate beauty.  I must admit though, my husband has about had it with the smell of boiling brains and the mess of bird faces left in the sink.  He apparently doesn’t find the process as fun as I do.

So with that, I decided that this year I would take to working larger skulls myself.  The result has been pretty much typical of about everything I attempt.  I have about finished my first coyote skull.  This particular project should have been done months ago, but for some reason I felt compelled to bring my half finished project into the garage.  And I lost it.  Just temporarily…I found it in a tub with horse treats and a bottle of Armor All.  I am still trying to figure out how those items found their way together, but I am guessing it was some hasty clean up maneuver.

Go big or go home.  I harvested a nice, young bull this year during archery season and decided to give it a whirl.  I got the head picked clean(ish) in camp.  (I learned that I am extremely challenged when it comes to removing eyeballs, but that is a story for another day.)  We packed the elk out and I decided to just set the head on the shed roof until I could get it to the boiler.

Much like the coyote skull…I forgot about it for about a week.  Suffice it to say, if it isn’t written down, I will not remember.  It wasn’t until I went to the shed that I got an olfactory reminder that I needed to start working on this project or my husband would give me the look.  You know the look…thinly veiled annoyance.  Thinly veiled.  I got everything set up, lit the propane and filled the boiler with water.  As I pulled the head off the shed, I suddenly realized just how nasty that thing had gotten.

The skull fit perfectly in the boiler and I was pretty excited to be on track.

Then I noticed maggots floating to the surface.  I hate maggots.  Absolutely abhor them.  And they just kept coming out of the nooks and crannies.  Literally, they covered the surface of the water. I admit, it was a bit horrifying.  However, I took great pleasure in knowing those suckers would drown and boil.

But they didn’t.  They just kept wiggling and swimming around the water.  I turned up the heat out of spite.

I sat eagerly waiting for my pot to boil, then remembered that said watched pot shall not boil.  I did the next best thing. I went grouse hunting and left my maggoty mess in the yard to boil.

Only…it never boiled.  I came home 3 hours later to my husband and ‘the look’.  It turns out the water never boiled. Which means the maggots never died.  Which means the fetid smelling skull was still fetid…and wet.  You see, if it is windy outside, the flame doesn’t stay lit.  Who knew?

Ugh.  Next step- MacGyver a tinfoil block for the flame.  Stay tuned for more!

Prois Launches WSCU Internship Program!

Prois has long been committed to giving back to our community locally and industry wide. Prois is proud to announce the launch of our Prois Internship Program with Western State Colorado University.  “We are truly invested in utilizing the talents of college students to see what new and insightful ideas they can bring the the table” states Kirstie Pike, Prois Launches WSCU Internship Program!Prois CEO.  “This internship program is directed toward our local university here in Gunnison, Colorado, but we are accepting applications from qualified students that are looking to get experience in the sales, marketing, and the hunting industry.  We are also accepting application from college students nationwide as well.” she adds.

Prois began the task of looking into ways to utilize possible interns in 2016.  After much work, Prois Sales Coordinator, Katherine Grand brought the program to fruition.  Once Grand was able to negotiate the terms of the internship, the application program was uploaded to the Prois website.  “Many internships are now web-based, and we feel that streamlining this process will make the application and review process seamless and efficient.  We are excited to see where this will take Prois.” Grand comments.

Prois is looking for the right person to join their ranks for Fall 2017 as a Sales and Marketing Prois Launches WSCU Internship Program!Intern.  Prois interns will work in a dynamic and fun work environment and learn skills in their field of interest that they can apply to their future career goals.  Interns can earn credit and money at the same time during this awesome opportunity in the beautiful Gunnison Valley.

  • Interns must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Interns must commit to the full semester
  • Interns are required to work 10-15 hours a week. Ten hours a week is the minimum.
  • Interns are responsible for getting themselves to and from the Prois is a short bike ride or drive from campus.
  • Interns are expected to have sales or marketing course work and/or we want the intern to bring fresh ideas to the table to increase sales and brand awareness. Videography and graphic design skills are also a plus.
  • Knowledge of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms is a must.
  • We are looking for intern with a passion for hunting and the outdoors, and an excellent sense of humor that are interested in a possible future in the hunting or outdoor
  • Interns must have excellent attention to details and be willing to perform shipping and everyday tasks and well as marketing and sales tasks. Although the schedule is flexible we would ideally like the intern to commit to 2-3 hours a day
  • Monday-Friday during business hours 8-4pm. Fridays are optional and mornings are preferable.
  • We are looking for a motivated, and creative intern with a desire to keep learning and stay on top, if not ahead of, industry trends
  • Should an intern be accepted from a school other than Western State Colorado University, we will adapt the internship program to work remotely.

With that, we invite any qualified students to apply today. Applications are due by September 7th.  Prois will select the first Prois Intern by September 15, 2017.


To apply please visit


A Word From The CEO-  Prepare for the Prois Olann Line!

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO- Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women


Mother Nature nailed it with wool.  Then she upgraded when she made Merino Wool.  With that, Prois is thrilled to announce the upcoming Olann Line of merino hunting gear for women.  The Olann line is comprised of three pieces; a racerback sports bra, a racerback tank and a ½ zip merino longsleeve.  Worn together, these pieces offer support, coverage and warmth in a layering system that can be adapted to any weather.
So why merino wool?  Here’s why…I have long been a fan of merino wool.  I spend a lot of time hunting and in the outdoors.  A LOT OF TIME.  I am out it hot weather, warm weather and freezing weather.  No matter what the weatherman wants to throw my way, I have found that merino is my ONLY choice for baselayers and shirts.  No matter what I am doing whether it is hiking, horseback riding, hunting or enjoying a day on the river, my only choice is merino.  Just in case you want to know why, I shall dutifully enumerate my reasons for the love of all things merino;

  1. Merino feels great on the skin. No matter what thickness of merino you are using, it does not itch.  It’s breathable and luxurious.
  2. Talk about thermoregulation. I have worn merino in -20 degrees and it is by far the best baselayer to use on the core.  Additionally, I have hunted in 90+ degree weather and even though I have been sweaty, I was never unduly warm.  It truly is the perfect baselayer.
  3. It wicks. Wool is great for pulling moisture from the skin and radiating it out.  This helps the fabric dry faster and keeps the user more comfortable.
  4. It doesn’t stink. It simply doesn’t.  I used it to excess during a past bighorn sheep hunt and really put it through its paces.  I admit it.  I stink.  A lot.  Yet, with a 3 piece layering system I never had any odor.  Unlike the synthetics, merino does not trap odor.
  5. It lasts. Merino is expensive.  Yet it is entirely worth every penny.  As mentioned, I use my merino.  I use it a lot.  Yet the pieces I have hold up great.  A couple of older pieces look a little worn, but hell…so do I.  I don’t dry my merino and have found that it holds up an exceptionally long time.


With all of this in mind, we decided to add the Olann merino system to the Prois Lineup.  We believe that women need only the best to enhance comfort and success.  Watch for the release of the much anticipated Olann line later this fall!  Did we mention it will be available in our new Cumbre Veil pattern…exclusive to women!

A Word From The CEO-  Prepare for the Prois Olann Line!

A Word From The Prois CEO- Cumbre Is Coming!

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel

When it comes to the highest functioning, best fitting hunting apparel for women, Próis is the top choice among avid female hunters.  Since day one, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to creating technical apparel specifically designed to meet the performance needs of die-hard female hunters with no frills and all function — and a camo pattern that provides the best concealment advantage is no exception.  This is exactly why the company worked side-by-side with Veil® Camo on the design process to create an innovative pattern that provides optimal concealment, exclusively for women who hunt hard.

It has long been the vision of Prois to strategize with Veil to create a camouflage that is specific to women only.  It is our belief that female hunters do not need to be identified by pink, purple and turquoise accents and embroidery.  The Cumbre pattern was developed on these principles, to offer women their own, identifiable camouflage pattern that is scientific, effective and functional.  Welcome to the new frontier for female hunters- Veil-Cumbre camouflage with Prois.  For women, by women.

Prois has been heavily involved in the design process of the new Cumbre pattern, working closely with Veil® Camo to create a pattern with a diverse western landscape in mind, while also utilizing colorations that provide excellent concealment in all regions, and we’re proud to finally start sharing it with the industry.  We look forward to offering sub-licensing opportunities to our fellow manufacturers.


So, what makes Cumbre THE camouflage for women?

Veil-Cumbre contains both macro disruption and textural disruption strategies that come together in one of the most aggressive, high functioning and visually distinctive patterns available.  The color palette is a careful combination of tones pulled directly from the environment and used in a calculated balance that ensures maximum performance.  The blends of browns, grays greens and tans are carefully sunchronized to create disruption that works in open space as well as deep timber.  Cumbre stands for “above the rest”..and it is THE ideal camouflage for serious female hunters that demand a new level of performance from their concealment strategy.

For more information, visit

Prois Proudly Partners With Reel Camo Girl To Bring The Women’s Outdoor Industry Together!



Poway, CA— Outdoor women’s brand ReelCamo Girl is pleased to announce a new partnership with Colorado based, woman owned and operated hunting gear company, Prois.

Prois has been the cornerstone of women’s technical hunting gear since 2008.  What sets Prois apart is their belief that women require performance outdoor gear for their hunting and field pursuits. They select only the top-rated performance fabrics to provide wind stopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. Additionally, all gear engineered is expressly for women and they maintain creative control in each and every piece manufactured.

Prois believes women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their pursuits. ReelCamo Girl founder, Lauren Hill expressed excitement about the partnership. “ReelCamo Girl and Prois share similar goals—to elevate, enable and promote women who live and breathe the outdoor lifestyle,” said Lauren. “We are thrilled to partner with Prois. Outdoor women are looking for gear of the highest quality and Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is it!”

“Prois is very much looking forward to a partnership with ReelCamoGirl.  We feel we share very similar visions with ReelCamoGirl.  I truly believe this partnership will continue to pull the outdoor women together in a supportive and inspirational way.” – Kirstie Pike, CEO and self-proclaimed “Lord and Master”  Prois sells all of their gear directly to their customer, cutting out the middle man.  Check out

ReelCamo Girl was launched in 2015 with the motto, “The Outdoor Life, Only Prettier.” It’s a  community of strong women who have a passion for the outdoors.

Prois Teams Up With Raven’s Essentials To Offer All-Natural Backcountry Personal Care Products

Prois has teamed with another great local company, Raven’s Essentials, to offer our customers a plethora of natural personal care items.  These items are all handmade with all natural ingredients to nourish your body and your skin. Furthermore, Raven’s Essentials has launched a new line of Camo Face Paint that is perfect for women with sensitive skin or prone to breakouts.  Together, Prois and Raven’s Essentials have women covered for all of their hunting needs.

Raven’s Essentials was created out of the simple desire to provide pure and natural soaps.  Since its inception, Raven’s Essentials has expanded their offerings. These unique personal care products proved to be a perfect match for Prois.  “Finding quality products that are natural and scent free is a challenge. I loved the products the first time I used them.  They are non-greasy, odor-free and compact.  Perfect for the backcountry.” mentions Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike.  “I am pleased to be able to offer these products to our customers as I truly believe in the brand.”

DRIVEN All Natural Camo Face Paint from Raven’s Essentials is made with seed butter/ beeswax based blended with only natural plant derived oils and tinted with naturally derived inorganic pigments. The tinting provides excellent coverage and is gentle on your skin. It wipes off easily with just a towel. Perfect for the backcountry.

Raven’s Essentials is also excited to bring you Driven Caffeinated Lip Balm. Carefully formulated with the perfect combination of oils and beeswax to nourish and moisturize your lips, while providing long lasting protection without feeling either too waxy or oily. And did we mention CAFFEINE!? That’s right, a nice steady trickle of caffeine to
keep you alert and driven. You will want to reapply often, but not because you have to. No synthetic ingredients are used and are scented with only 100% pure essential oils.  If you are looking for a non-caffeinated lip balm we also carry Raven’s Essentials Lip Balms.

Another of our favorite Raven’s essential products are the Raven’s Essentials Lotion Bars.  Protect your skin from the elements with a hard lotion that is solid at room temperature and comes in a convenient metal tin. Created to nourish your skin with botanical butters, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil and rosehip seed oil; the beeswax leaves a gentle, protective coating on the skin and seals in the other ingredients for longer-lasting
absorption without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky and works as a natural barrier of protection from cold and wind.  These bars are perfect to keep in your hunting pack for instant moisture when your hands or skin gets dry.

Last but not lease Raven’s Essentials and Prois have teamed up to bring you Prois All Natural Liquid Castile Soaps. A cleansing and moisturizing soap in liquid form with a Coconut oil/Olive oil base. Hand crafted in small batches, so appearance may vary from batch to batch and separation is normal, just shake! Scented with 100% pure essential oils and free of synthetic ingredients: Gentle on your skin and safe for the environment.  These soaps are perfect for your multi-day backcountry adventures or for at home.

All Raven’s Essentials products are available on the Prois website at  Add some to your shopping cart and give it a try!

Prois Partners With Balleck Outdoors To Offer Waterless Hygiene Products For YOUR Backcountry Pursuits!

Prois is pleased to announce our partnership with Balleck Outdoors. Balleck recently launched their Mossy Oak licensed, scent-free bath and body products for outdoors enthusiasts to be used without water. The new, dry bath and body line includes Dry Shower, Gunk Off and Wilderness Warmth.  Balleck products are NOW available on the Prois website at

“The pairing between Prois and Balleck Outdoors makes perfect sense.  Prois has long been the leader in technical, performance hunting gear for women.  The combination of Prois products and Balleck waterless products gives the female hunter everything she needs for her backcountry experience.” States Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois.  “We are excited to get these products in front of our customer base.”

Dry Shower let’s you freshen up and take a shower anywhere, no water required, with this new water-less, scent-free dry Balleck Waterless Productsshampoo, dry body soap and deodorant in one. The natural dry powder is blended to clean your hair and body, rinse-less. And it is a deodorant too. Suggested retail is $19.99.

Gunk Off water-less, rinse-less, and scent-free face, hand, and body wash makes it easy to wipe away sweat, dirt and grime. Just pour onto a wash cloth, paper towel, or cotton pad and wipe away the gunk. Gunk Off also easily removes make-up and camo face paint. It’s perfect for on-the-go cleaning and kids’ sticky hands. Suggested retail is $19.99.

Wilderness Warmth is a wader, boot, and glove drying and warming powder. Using founder Cammi Balleck’s naturopath background and knowledge of natural ingredients, this powder is designed to keep your extremities warm and dry anywhere. Suggested retail is $24.99.

Balleck is the only water-less, rinse-less and scent-free skin, hair, and body care line on the market made from natural, healthy, biodegradable, hygienic ingredients so you can be a happier camper. Balleck products are a must-have for people who camp, hunt or fish and cannot carry a lot of product. The Balleck mission is to help you stay clean, warm, and comfortable so you get outdoors and stay outdoors longer. Connect with Balleck on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.