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Who we are

Welcome to the world of Prois where we believe women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their pursuits. What sets Prois apart? It is our belief that women require performance outdoor gear for their hunting and field pursuits. We select only the top rated performance fabrics to provide windstopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. We create each item to maximize efficiency and functionality in the field utilizing signature features.  We engineer all of gear expressly for women and we maintain creative control in each and every piece we manufacture.  We are committed to you, the female hunter.

Prois Is A Female Driven & Ran Company
Designed By Women for Women
Join Us & The Prois Lyfestyle


Próis Vision

Prois’® vision is to be the best in market for female hunting and field gear.  Being the best means providing unsurpassed quality, topnotch customer service, cutting edge technology and a clear vision for future growth so that we do not just create customers…we create fans.

Próis Mission Statement

Prois® has absolute clarity in all we do.  We manufacture and market the highest performance hunting and field gear for women.

Próis Corporate Principles

Excellence is not enough…perfection is expected.
Customer service is a priority whether our customer is a dealer, online consumer, industry partner or media representative.
Sustainable growth is our driving factor.
Integrity in all we say and do.

Words from our fearless leader and CEO Kirstie Pike

It’s March!

And why is March so amazing??  Let me count the ways!

Show season is essentially over!  And that is always good!  Our 2017 show season was productive and profitable.  We are adding new regional shows to our schedule daily.  Check out our upcoming events on our website and our Prois facebook page!

  1.  Website development. We have been working diligently on an all new website that will be launched this month.  The new site will be offering a new look and a cleaner, easier shopping experience.  We will be utilizing numerous searching and shopping options.  We will be utilizing an all new ‘live chat’ option.  We will be able to have Membership Reward sign up, Pro-Staff Application and Pro-Form discount applications that are fluid and easy to navigate.  We will also have an all new Prois Outlet!
  2. We are ramping up our ‘Boots On The Ground’ by adding more Prois State/Provencial Coordinators. These ladies work diligently in their regions by bringing women together in the outdoors and working as ambassadors for the Prois brand.

Give all of these ladies a hand!  Without them, Prois would not be what it is!

  •           Cristina McGannon- Mid Atlantic States
  •           Heidi Caldwell- Oregon
  •           Jamie Dailey- Georgia
  •           Jennifer Dums- Wisconsin
  •           Joni Kiser- Alaska
  •           Margie Nelson- Montana
  •           Marissa Oaks- Utah
  •           Mia Enstrom- Colorado
  •           Patty Reel and Tarra Stoddard- South Carolina
  •           Stephanie Wottrich and Tina Henry- Texas
  •           Sherri Usselman- Saskatchewan
  •           Rachel Voss- Washington and Idaho
  1. Turkey season is right around the corner!  Who could complain about THAT??
  2. It’s “All Things Fishing” month at Prois. Check out our Fishing photo contests on the Prois Facebook Page!  Enter to win great prizes!
  3. We have updated our 2017 Marketing Plan and have some great new ideas in the pipeline!
  4. We are thrilled to have some great new products on the machines as we speak! Watch for some teasers as we draw closer to delivery!  All we can say is this…if you thought Prois was great before…we just keep getting better!
  5. We will be adding some great new boots and personal care items to our current product offering. Suffice it to say…you will be pleased!
  6. Our Social Media Coordinator, Mia Enstrom is working on a robust schedule with Becoming and Outdoors Woman groups from all over the country. You will be able to see all of these events on the Prois website and Prois facebook page.
  7. We have added two new hunts for the Prois Hunting Trips! Contact us at info@proishunting.com for more information about our June bear hunt in Idaho and our November pheasant hunt in South Dakota!

While we are hitting the ground running this month, we are fired up and excited about all of the great things we have going on at Prois!

Carpe Diem, my friends!!

Kirstie Pike- CEO and Founder
Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women






Why Choose Próis?

Próis Hunting & Field Apparel for Women recognizes that women need gear developed specifically for their specific body composition, their thermoregulatory requirements and their specific layering needs.

Engineered for success


Kirstie Pike

CEO | Bathroom Cleaner | Fearless Leader

It is true.  I am the founder and CEO of Prois. While I may boast those titles on my business cards, my additional job titles include Rabbit Excrement Removal Specialist and Waste Removal Coordinator.  When not tending to these duties, I manage the administrative functions, design and development, marketing, oversight of the State Coordinators and all duties as otherwise determined.  (This is how I got promoted to Executive Toilet Cleaner)  When I am not stooped over my computer fussing over accounting matrices or at the production board rejecting the 35th fabric sample…I can be found staring absently at Katherine Grand wondering how any adult can leave the house in camo and plaid.  Additionally, I can be found skimming the Colorado labor laws to determine if larping accidents are covered by Workman’s Comp.  If you should need me, email me.  For those that know me…your attempts by phone are futile.  Godspeed!

Katherine Grand

Sales Guru | Pro-Staff Coordinator

Katherine Grand has been working at Prois now for 8 glorious fun-filled years. Her likes include falconry, shenanigans, impressions, equine, selling people more Prois that they planned on buying, fly fishing, and women’s hunts. Do not ask her about any of these subjects unless you have a comfortable place to sit and hours to kill. She will make allowances for bathroom breaks if you broach the subject of falconry. She is an expert on helping women find the right Prois products for their adventures and she has a knack for recommending the right sizing over the phone. If you laugh at her jokes she will always give you an added discount as that is her only real requirement for friendship. Call her today at 970-641-3355.

Hannah Hanson

Shipping & Inventory Specialist

Hannah has been organizing the Próis headquarters one file, box, or corner at a time since 2014.  Aside from being the official office organizer, she also oversees shipping of our orders and is the inventory queen…. If it is in the warehouse, she will know where it came from, how it got here, and will most likely have it on a spreadsheet (or 2… or 3…).  If you happen to call during show season, she’ll most likely be starved for human interaction as she’s usually the lone survivor holding down the fort while Kirstie and Katherine are out on the road.  If you have any questions on shipping, tracking, or your order, give her a call!

Mia Enstrom

Social Media Coordinator

Mia has been an avid outdoorsman & hunter all her life. Now being a mother, she is passing down the tradition just the way her parents did to her. From raising her son, hunting every chance she can, helping her husband with taxidermy, taking to the woods for photography, or even clocking in to work for Prois, her life revolves around the passion she has for the outdoors. Mia has been a big supporter of Prois for a few years and takes great pride in wearing the “P” on all her adventures.

Prois will ALWAYS be there.

Paul Coleman

I.T. Wizard

Paul Coleman AKA The Fixer is in charge of making our advertisements and social media campaigns not look like a grade school child made them. He is also responsible for making sarcastic jokes that slap you in the soul 5 minutes after you walk away. He builds the most beautiful websites this side of the Mississippi and he can make anything possible in the world of photoshop and visual media. Do you want your deer hunting photo to be transformed into a photo of you with your trophy Manticore? Just ask and he will make it so with his skills in wizardry. His likes include line dancing, wearing women’s clothing (AKA Próis), tattoos, and wearing plaid with camo. He dislikes needles which we find incredibly ironic given the tattoos.