You Know Your Camo is Working When . . . .

By Katherine Browne

Last weekend my fiancé Eric and I headed out to do some turkey hunting with Prois Pro-Staffers and Olympic Biathletes Tracey and Lanny Barnes ( While Lanny and I were posted up around first light waiting for some birds to come down from their roost something incredible happened. Most of my non-hunting friends have either been grossed out or unimpressed when I have told this story but as a hunter my goal is to become invisible in my surroundings. Good camo is essential in becoming invisible and thanks to my Prois this encounter was possible.

Lanny and I were sitting and listening to the birds talking in their roosts when I noticed a little vole running straight for me. Many hunters that I have spoken to have had the experience of birds, squirrels and rodents running around or over them and I expected him to run across my lap if he continued on his path. Instead of running over me I felt him wriggle in next to my hip and settle under my lower back. I started laughing silently and my whole body was shaking and I could not believe that he held tight. He must have been thinking, “Thank god I found this nice warm shelter before the earth quake started!”.” Lanny whispered to me “He’s under you!” and I whispered back “I know!”. At this point most people probably would have moved and the vole would have run for cover but I couldn’t help wondering how long this little vole would hang out with me. I sat quietly for a least another 40 minutes and every time I thought he had left me I felt him stir. First thing in the morning this must have been a nice comfortable place for a little vole to warm up. When we were getting ready to take off on foot I carefully fished out my camera from my pocket and asked Lanny to take a video when I sat up. To see the video click on the link below.

One of my favorite things about hunting is seeing animals behave naturally. Before I started hunting I had never sat still long enough to experience something like this. This experience made me think about all the amazing stories that must be out there of animal encounters that hunters have had when they were sitting quietly. This inspired us to launch a contest to where hunters submit there stories of animal encounters where the animals did not realize they were there. To enter submit your story as a comment below for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Prois for you or your loved ones. Prois CEO Kirstie Pike and I will be choosing out favorite entries and posting them on the Prois Facebook page over the next month. The person whose post gets the most Like’s for their story on our Facebook page will win! If you have a photo or a video, e-mail it to me at and I will post it with the story. You must be a member of our Facebook page to qualify and you story must be family friendly (!/home.php?sk=group_172754768618). Good luck and thanks for participating!


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  1. I wouldn’t say this was a little critter..But while bowhunting last year..I follwed my husband in my suv to our hunting spot…we parked with the cows…I don’t like cows!!!! So I got out and was getting dressed behind the suv. Like I always do. I was down to my underoos… and bent over looking for my clothes to get out of my hunting box…and I could just feel something was just not right…so I turned my head to see this big old cow not 2 feet from my Buttocks. I raised up hit my head on the door, and screamed like a girl…OH heck NO!!!!You get out of here!!!! I was waving my arms like crazy…and darn near tripped over my boots and almost landed in a cow pucky…My husband watched the whole thing from his truck, just laughing. He didn’t even tell me she was headed my way….He said, she thought you were gonna feed her… yeah , right…feed her what? ME…lol……I really don’t like cows…But I still get dressed outside my suv. But I make sure the cows are no where around…lol, You know, them suckers can be mean…HA
    Teresa McCullough

  2. I’m still not sure what a vole is so I’m going to google it… My story is I KNEW the leafy wear camo was working great when husband & I were hunting turkeys one morning and as we 4 stood discussing our approach a bird (Robin or something..) came & landed on my head. I must have looked like a great little tree standing there. 🙂

    Last week I was turkey hunting in Wisconsin, sitting against an old oak tree, when a doe stepped out of a thick grove of pines. She proceeded to walk straight towards me and came to within 15 yards, so close that I could see her unborn fawn kick in her belly! We captured it on film and have watched it over and over. Talk about my camo doing it’s job!!! ~ Jana Waller

  4. While hunting in Canada for bear a few years back I was warned not to walk through the bait and not to look a bear in the eye. I was also asked if I always had to wear my glasses. (which made me think that my eyes must look huge to a bear) this was my first time hunting bear and as I walked to my stand I saw a half eaten donut that was whole when we baited the sight earlier that day. My first bear came out within 15 minutes of getting in the stand. I was so terrified that I would “look him in the eye” that every time he glanced my way I would pull the bill of my cap down and just peek through a slit to see where he was. Within minutes the bear was on the bait and within a few more minutes sniffing his way to the base of my stand where earlier that day after baiting the sight I climbed my stand to see how it looked. My knees were knocking when I peeked over them to see the bear with his paw on the first rung of my ladder stand. Luckily for me he was disinterested and went back to the bait. I did eventually take a bear with my bow but it wasn’t him. I figured if he let me walk I would let him do the same

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