Words Are Not Just Words- Anti-Hunters Take Special Aim at Female Hunters

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

I spent a few minutes today perusing some blogs and articles about hunting which I do daily so I can keep a good grasp on what is happening out there in the industry.

I crawled through a couple of great new posts about industry highlights.  I crawled through a couple of, well, heinous posts by anti-hunters.  After about 15 minutes I had to sit back for a minute.

Incoming epiphany.

I started to notice something. Words. So many powerful words.

Anti-Hunters hate female hunters much more than they hate their male counter parts.  Much more.  It is almost surreal.  I continued to surf a variety of sites and social media platforms about anti-hunters.  While the anti-hunters say plenty of berating and evil things about male hunters, they actually take the fight against female hunters to a completely different level. Don’t believe me?  Peruse some of this garbage yourself and see what you think.  I would love to give you links to specific sites, but I refuse to give these people additional attention.  It’s all easy to find out there!

Recently I have read some very interesting words.

I read how a female hunter that I personally know should have her face shot off.  Tis true. “Shot off”.

I read how another female hunter that I know very well should have her children “shot as she watches on”.  Yes.  Condoning shooting children.

I read how another female hunter should be “slowly tortured”.  Tortured.

Take a second to let those words sink in.  Tortured.  Face shot off.  Children shot.

Additionally…It became clear to me today that if a female hunter is attractive- she is billed as ridiculous, feeble-minded and even slutty. She hunts only to get a man.  She should have her face shot off.  Oh wait…I think I mentioned that one. Ridiculous.  Feeble-Minded. Slut.

If a female hunter is not as attractive- she is billed as a toothless hillbilly, inbred, and “so ugly that hunting is the only way she could get a man”.  But wait…isn’t that what they said about the attractive female hunter?  Jeez.  Come on guys…which is it?  Ugly. Hillbilly. Inbred.

If a female hunter has children- they should be “exterminated”. Exterminated.  Some of the kinder responses happily do not condone killing children as that would be, um, messed up.  However,they do mention that if a female hunter exposes her children to hunting- the children must be taken away as this is deemed to be child abuse.  Child abuse.

If a female hunter does not have children- she should be “sterilized”. Sterilized.

This is downright scary.  I do want to mention that I completely believe in the freedom of speech as that is part of the basis of our country.  I fully appreciate the fact that not everyone agrees with hunting or hunters.

However, why is it that the anti-hunting world deems a female hunter as more despicable or dastardly than a man?  It certainly cannot be as simple as that X vs Y chromosome?

Why are female hunters viewed as almost demonic?  What is it about women hunters that triggers another human being to will death and destruction on her?  What is it about women hunters that elicits comments about her looks and apparent motives?  What elicits such words?

Face shot off.  Tortured. Children shot.  Exterminated. Sterilized. Slut. Ugly. Feeble Minded.

I know…I know…many of you were probably waiting for the lighter side on this blog.  While I typically love to speak to the funny and obscure, I found myself feeling somewhat uneasy about this topic today.

I’d love to hear what you all have to say about it!





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  1. Thank you Kirstie for writing about this. It is such an important issue to point out. I know as a woman hunter that has had a small bit of publicity that I have had death threats on FaceBook. It really is scary to think that some small minded people would go so far as to threaten violance against women just because they have a passion for hunting and providing for their families. I for one think this is another example of why companies like Prois are so amazing!!! It gives us women hunter’s a built in support group. As long as we stick together, the ignorant haters can keep on hating, but they will never break us down. We are too smart and strong for that!!!!!

  2. I could give a one hour speech on this very subject. While serving in the Michigan House of Representatives, I introduced and successfully passed legislation to allow dove hunting for the 1st time in the state’s history. I had the help of the U.S. Sportmen’s Alliance and the NRA, along with other groups. My motherhood was attacked many times, my life threatened twice and the letters and emails I received “hoped I would get cancer and slowly die” “hoped someone would shoot me on opening day” along with several other extremely violent statements. I found it interesting that these people would go to such measures to protect a bird, yet threaten human life. –MI State Representative Sue Tabor 1999-2004

  3. I’ve pointed this out several times on my Facebook page and on other sites that anti hunters attack and are far more vicious toward female hunters than male. I am by no means any great hunter but have been horribly attacked on Facebook sites, in a blog, they followed me to more personal sites I’m on and attacked me there, even emailed an attack against me to an organization I volunteer for to fight human trafficking……all because I hunt!!! I don’t know whether to feel honored that they are so threatened by my existence or be upset! Mostly….I just laugh! And will happily post my trophies once they are up AND continue to hunt!! I hope to play a part with regard to animal conservation for as long as I can.

  4. These are the same idiots that condone killing unborn children, but want to “save” animals.

  5. I understand. I posted a picture of a taxidermy piece, hanging on my wall, on my business (decorating) fb page and I was called out as a murderer, small, torturer scumbag, etc etc. Wow. Nevermind that I bought the piece at a great price! he he Some folks don’t think things through. And with that, I reprimanded her, blocked her and went on with life. ~Mindy

  6. I have also seen many harsh, threatening words towards female hunters. And you’re right, it is on a different level! I believe these groups are threatened by us female hunters simply because we are changing the dynamics in the hunting industry. They do not know how to respond to us, so they use thier words as best as they can. While do support their freedom of speech, I just try to understand that does mean freedom from ignorance.

  7. I never really look at what the anti hunters say, I guess I know why now. WOW, who are these people….maybe there is a reason they don’t hunt…cause they are not mentally stable enough to carry a weapon!

    As always, Kirstie, well said!

  8. Very disturbing to me as the head of a hunting family including my wife. It could be (in their eyes) that women are the embodiment of care, nurturing, and gentleness. So that when confronted with the idea of a women hunter the anti’s see a greater abomination to their ideal world than when confronted with my fully bearded mug in a photo with the days bag. I am inclined to believe that I am perceived as a harder target for them to abuse. Those are my first few thoughts

  9. In my experience, the harsher, vitriolic attacks are typically saved for women in any public arena. Our looks are always the first target, then intelligence. Even from other women. I personally haven’t read any anti-hunting pieces that contrast male and female hunters. They more or less generalize “hunters”. But it’s a (crappy) pattern. Look at criticisms of female authors and politicians. Journalists.

    These people would have far more cogent arguments if they left off the violent fantasies. Let them not like hunting and call it cruelty if they like, but when they say things like this, they’re hypocrites. And sexist ones to boot.

    Amber from playoutdoorsblog.wordpress.com

  10. Not being a kid anymore means that I have hunted for over 50 years and am proud of it. I started out with my dad as we hunted to feed a family w/8 kids. We ate what we killed and nothing went to waste.
    Deer were my first wildlife to take and when elk came into the country where I was born I also was proud
    To be successful.
    I don’t hunt much anymore but still am heavy into trapping. When you’ve seen a calf ate literally as the heifer is calving before it’s totally born it doesn’t really seem a heathen thing to do.
    No, I don’t consider myself a heartless criminal. More like a survivalist and one who has worked and lived off the land literally.
    Long live the hunteress, trapper and an individual who
    loves the life she’s had and has.
    It has been a fulfilling one and one I’m glad to share.

  11. That is seriously twisted and disturbing to say the least. These people call those of us who hunt and fish murderers, killers and barbarians. It sounds like they need to take a long look in the mirror before casting stones. My daughter who takes to the field and woods with me doesn’t fit any oh their ignorant preconceived ideas of women. Possibly they have serious mommy issue, just saying…

  12. Kirstie, you’ve asked a good question. Are people that uncomfortable with women hunters exhibiting knowledge, skill and proficiency with a firearm? Are we still hung up with the nonsensical idea that man is the hunter and woman is the gatherer? Unfortunately men and women hurl the ugly words you brought to our attention. I’m particularly saddened, though, when women don’t support each other.

  13. Wow. Let me say it again, if only for effect. Wow.

    I’ve always been amazed at the insane (literally) comments and attacks by some members of the anti-hunting community, but your post here made me suddenly realize that there has been a trend of real vitriol directed at female hunters that goes beyond what most of us males have ever had to deal with. I’m put in mind of Olympians and television personalities in recent cultural history… all women… who have come under really vicious attack because they publicly “confess” to being hunters.

    I’m not sure if it’s just because men have been targeted for so long that it’s become sort of “old hat” to hear that we should be hunted, shot, and gutted… or if it’s because we aren’t obviously affected by these attacks. Are women supposed to be more susceptible to these assaults on your emotions?

    Or is it because women hunters challenge one of the foundation blocks of the largely feminist, anti-hunting dogma… that hunting is some sort of brutish, psycho-sexual male dominance display? Women who hunt blast that long-held stereotype. You are, in a way, traitors to your gender. And nothing is more reviled than a traitor.

    I expect there’s a sociological/psychological research report in here somewhere.

    At any rate, it’s a terrible thing and I’m sorry that women have to go through this. It’s one more thing that makes it tough to be a woman in the hunting community (I’m sure for many women hunters, it was a challenge to be accepted by male hunters… and sometimes still is).

  14. Amazing comments above. This topic definitely does deserve some consideration as it is deeply disturbing. Since writing this blog, I have had more stories brought to me by more women. A very good friend of mine recently received a letter with her kids’ photos in it and death threats…because she is a hunter. I am at a loss where this logic exists. Additionally- as Amber mentioned above- the absolutely painful and hateful things people will say about a woman’s appearance is so disheartening. I would mention one particular blog (but will not give the ‘writer’ the benefit) in which the comments about one woman and her appearance were some of the cruelest comments I have ever seen. This woman possesses one of the kindest souls…and these attacks are sickening an hurtful. Keep up the support!

  15. Well said Kirstie!
    I have experienced many of the same hate comments, plus many more that I am “to lady” to repeat. I have to believe that the “haters of female hunters” have to really be deeply disturbed and uncomfortable within themself to bombard us with so much hate. When people publicly threaten and wish death on a hunter (male or female), they really need to do some self-examination. I became a target when I took the Big 5; so much of a target that for months they slammed my fans page and group page with so much idiocy that it began to consume me. My personal website was hacked….then bragged about to all their cronnies.

    I am very proud to be a hunter and part of the Prois family of hunters that stand united together. Ladies….keep shooting straight and carrying on the hunting and outdoor traditions.

  16. I am an “anti-hunter”, but just for me. I don’t care if someone else is a hunter. I think 99% of the hunters are hunting legally, responsibly and serve a purpose. I think the people in these sites that advocate “shooting faces off and killing children are lunatics.

  17. I have always too wondered about this subject. I have received threats and comments that someone hopes I get cancer and die, etc. I proceed to block them and go on with my life, because its obvious that someone who has the ” heart” ( if you can even call it that) to say something like that to another human probably doesn’t want to have a reasonable conversation about their views. They simply love animals more than humans. They are so passionate about loving animals over humans that they would rather watch our food sources diminish so they can protect a certain fish. I also find it interesting that these people are so blinded by reality. The reality that most hunters and anglers, especially women are some of the greatest conservationists I’ve ever met. We understand conservation, we know what works. We know that we must control the population numbers of certain animals so they can thrive. I think women understand this even more since we are more nuturing at heart. So why is it that these anti hunters get so enraged to the point of threatening the lives of others? i simply dont get it, if they had there way, the population of animals and their health would be disastrous!! simply put, their emotions override their ability to think rationally, and that should scare them. I could go on for days. But thank you for bringing this up!

  18. The irony in this is that the folks that are upset because of perceived acts against animals, counter with an act of violence suggest towards people as shown in Kirstie’s examples. I do not understand why folks do not see the rest of the hunting picture besides the kill. The time spent with family and friends. The thought, time, energy and money put into preservation of animals and their habitats. Yes there are bad apples in every bunch hunters and “anti’s” but neither party deserves threats of violence from one another.

  19. Hi Kristy –
    I have no idea why anti’s are so opposed to females hunting. Regardless of what they say hunters are conservationist male,female or youth. Just to brighten your day I am a Instructor for License to Carry (LTC) and a DFW Hunter Ed instructor. I thought you may have some relief from this callous talk by knowing that females fill better than half the seats in a hunter ed course. Furthermore, my last four courses for LTC have been all female courses, 10 each time. Frankly, not to be regarded as dirty old man,females make much better students than the males. They also shoot better for beginners. Yes I am a guy and I will welcome any female into my courses because we need to further the sportsmen way of life for all, women, men and children, it is the American tradition. So don’t pay any attention to those emotional unstable anti’s. They are the same people that complain about too many deer being hit by cars and their children can’t go outside without getting deer ticks all over them. They also are the ones that want the State to pay for the thousand’s of dollars of landscaping that the deer ate! Don’t you think it is so sad that the anti’s are so uneducated.

    Mike –

  20. We seem to live in a world where hatred runs rampant. But those who’s hate is so fierce as what you mentioned, Kirstie are also the most ignorant of human beings!

    Chosen ignorance that begats hatred is running rampant in our country as well as our world. Very sad!

  21. I am a non-hunter, hunter advocate. I think some of the very best people in the entire world are hunters and I support each and everyone of them.

    A lot has been said here and I wonder if a psychologist or psychiatrist has ever conducted a research project on this subject. I am very fascinated by human behavior and this topic is especially important today, especially when raising children-once again, especially girls. This may be a round about way for me to explain what I believe the root cause of this hatred is, since I am not a behavioral therapist or anything like it, but please bear with me.

    I have to bring up other events and things from the past to come back full circle to answering not only the hate against female hunters, but general hate.

    The timing on this coincides with 16 year old Audrie Potts suicide (she was the girl who was unconscious at a 2012 Labor Day Party and raped by 3 football players and had her compromised photos splashed all over social media and her girlfriends didn’t even stand by her and support her through the horrible ordeal, but instead turned on her calling her all sorts of unbecoming things, and due to this she felt her life was over so she hung herself). My heart broke for her suffering and her family’s unnecessary loss.

    Eric Welsh came closest to hitting the nail on the head with his comment about pro abortion anti hunting. So ironic isn’t it.

    Psychologically, mankind is programmed to run on auto pilot in order to survive. We cannot rationally think through every single decision we have to make or we would be paralyzed and unable to undertake any decisions. We are also programmed to run/stick with the herd so to speak (think Jonestown) because it also is a survival mechanism.

    Through the Bible, God tells us not to trust a man to be our king and rule over us but to trust in God to provide. But over and over again in the Bible we didn’t listen. The Bible also counsels us to not associate with bad people as that has consequences for us (even if we don’t partake in evil that others around us do, we often become callous to it and ignore doing the right thing (think of the good Samaritan story of the Bible). However, what people don’t think about with that advice in the Bible, is how humanity hasn’t changed one bit over time and God knows this is our nature and that is why he has the stories he does in the Bible along with whatever advice.

    Does anyone remember or know of the Milgram experiments? The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, which measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience. (and almost everyone caved in to authority and inflicted harm (or thought they were inflicting harm) on other people despite their moral objections to doing so(Go to Wikipedia if you want more info).

    These people who spew these vitriolic statements towards women (and I assume most of the spewers are women themselves) do so because of the following reasons.

    Phillip alludes to the reason being that women hunters are not the stereotypical and because they are challenging convention they will be attacked by these folks. I say that the challenge to the stereotype is a threat perceived by these folks but not the reason for the attacks or insane behavior exhibited by these folks.

    Any individual who feels they have no control in their life will lash out at those they perceive as the weaker or easier target(in the case of these insane folks their agenda for anti-hunt, anti-gun whatever, isn’t bearing any fruit so they are frustrated they are on the loosing side of the issue. Not to mention they are hanging out with many other idiots of the same IQ level who are all operating on auto pilot and have not been taught to think through the logic of their positions or frankly to think for themselves-they are following the herd mentally). Thus, they are on the bottom of a pecking order and will constantly lash out at who they perceive as either easy prey or weaker prey (hence why women are attacked more than men). And of course, since they cannot think for themselves or maybe not at all, they have to resort to a lot of superficial derogatory comments such as looks, and brains versus on the face of facts and issues. And a woman who is both powerful (huntress) and good looking is a very big threat to most women, but especially the anti-hunting crowd). Hence the reason why the threats resort to a good looking huntress being called “brainless” because they generally cannot formulate an articulate point against the hunting argument. Try this next time. When someone says something stupid like we shouldn’t have gone to war or we shouldn’t kill animals, ask them what they think the humane and viable alternative is to hunting which when managed right maintains a healthy population of species-especially herd animals.

    Do they even think about maintaining balance in the environment between herd animals, habitat (i.e. vegetation) and predators–heck ask them if they know predators like wolves and killer whales hunt for sport too not just for survival. Ask them if it is more humane to shoot an elk and use the meat to feed people versus letting the animal starve to death over the winter because the herd size is too large and there isn’t enough food to sustain the herd size. Oops! That’s right, I am taking the rational approach to an irrational person-we know that doesn’t work.

    Ladies, the stereotype of women being more sensitive to men is a stereotype for a reason-because it is generally true. Anyone who threatens our children or says mean things about us does affect us more than our male counterparts. That is how God made us and unfortunately why Audrie Potts committed suicide. Without God in our hearts and a sense of strength about who we are and how valuable we are in God’s eyes, regardless of what anyone says about us, we are susceptible to these vicious attacks and these folks aren’t idiots in this realm-they know it hurts and they want to inflict hurt on others because they feel society is hurting them by not doing what “they” deem the right thing by validating their opinion on what “they” view as right and wrong. In their eyes, we deserve to be attacked and they relish the attacks because the attacks make them personally feel better about who they are.

    In other words, when you put someone else down, it mentally raises your level in the pecking order and makes you feel better about yourself. People who behave this way are really insecure people (and some of them tend to be wife and children beaters because once again it puts them on a higher pecking order than those they attacked). And wouldn’t you be insecure if your whole life all you did was follow someone else’s agenda and never really thought through your stances on issues; even if you knew they went against your moral code. The problem though with these folks is that they have spend so many years of their lives believing the lies (abortion=ok, killing an elk or whatever other animal=not ok) that even if someone tried to get them to think rationally about why they maybe were incorrect on some of their assumptions, they wouldn’t ever buy it (read Influence: the power of psychology by Robert Cialdini for more info on this topic). The more committed someone gets to an idea (whether it is a decision on who they should marry or a political idea) the more they cannot deviate from it. And commitment comes in many forms (although for the bunch we have been talking about, a mental institution sounds like the right kind of commitment for them). A small level commitment might be to just look at someone and acknowledge their presence with a smile. Level two might be a polite hello. Level three might be a hug and so on and so on until you get to the point of it being too awkward to not agree to do the next item on the list (this is not necessarily a reference to sex, it could be a simple commitment to buy something from someone. Anyone who has been to a multilevel marketing meeting whether for cosmetics or healthcare products etc. knows what I am talking about here. Many people find it not only hard to say “no” but to also draw the line on levels of commitment. For those who are especially weak in this area, or have a deep need for acceptance, the herd mentally kicks in and if the people you hangout with say so and so is bad, you buy into it hook line and sinker and if the people you hang out with are especially bad people, you take it to the next level along with them in threatening violence against others you deem a threat-either because they don’t believe in the things you do or because you will gain standing with your peers by attacking them (reason why the girlfriends in Audrie Potts life didn’t stand by her but joined in demeaning her).

    So you strong women hunters out there; not only do you need to stick together, but you need to instill in your children a strong sense of who they are and where they can turn for support in times of trial. I think of how Job in the Bible was chastised by his male peers and told he must have done bad things to have all the bad things happened to him that did. They never supported him and gave him the empathy and friendship he needed in his time of need (he lost his entire family, his wealth and his health). If Job hadn’t had such a strong faith/belief in God he would have listened to his friends and gone off and killed himself.

    My advice to all is this. STOP READING/listening to the hateful things being said about you. You heard about the saying you are what you eat. Well, you are what you take in visually and audibly as well. Stop letting the hate in for it WILL affect you. Don’t dwell on the negative. Focus on the positive in all ways. The Bible tells us not to worry for it does us no good (that doesn’t mean be stupid and ignore serious threats). God will provide for us as he does for the sparrow.

    It means this-don’t dwell on the negativity. It will zap your energy and all good “vibes” coming your way. The best revenge is a well lived and happy life. Do the good things you enjoy doing and you will attract the positive energy and relationships that will uplift you. Don’t let the enemy win by turning you into a worry wart or hateful person. In fact, pray for those that wish you harm, that they will see the light and change their ways. That is the best thing we can do. God works in miraculous ways and we work in rational ways and rational ways don’t hold a candle to miracles. Let go of the hate (not yours-I am not saying you are hateful, but the hate these folks spew towards you) and open yourself up to good things happening for you because you aren’t weighed down by their negativity.

  22. Yes, we’ve seen more and more of this also as the number of female hunters we have increases. We had a 16 year old gal up here last year for her first black bear hunt with her father. Of course, she got her bear and so did dad, but her pictures on our website drew more harsh attention and comments than did the others (men only). One year we had a lovely young lady shoot a bear and take pictures with it. It was a 350 lb. bear and a VERY nice one. We, of course, publicized it on our website and drew lots of harsh comments. I’ve had to ban certain people and block them. It’s ridiculous! Our camp does not allow trophy hunting. All of our hunters eat the meat of the animal they kill (except for wolves) or they must have made arrangements to do something with the meat so that it is not wasted. Shooting wolves helps us maintain the moose and caribou population which is dwindling due to increased browse and pathways for the wolves to gain access. I am so excited we are getting more women each year. This year I am organizing a all-women week for bear hunting and quadding! I can’t wait – bring on the nay-sayers. I’ll bring them up here and just see how long they’ll last in OUR forest without protection! haha

  23. It is so easy to forget just exactly how ugly the anti-hunters can be, Kristie. I can only offer you support and positive thoughts, as I was reminded only days ago of this myself because of a FB status update I posted asking hunters and would-be hunters for suggestions and thoughts on a topic I worry that I might possibly love too much ~ Grizzlies. I love everything about them, not simply hunting and because I do, I tend to write about them, my experiences with them, observations and any other way I can lead a discussion back to them! This time, I wanted to make another video (Campfire Chat) that touched on the fact that I think that our Spring Grizzly Bear Hunts are so much more fun and possibly even more productive than our fall Bear Hunts, but in an entirely new way- thus asking for input.

    Whoa boy did I ever get input. (sigh)

    (That post will go live next Friday Jan. 16, btw)

    Why women? I mean particularly why us? (Lol, I had to delete what just magically appeared on the screen as I write this…) I don’t know… I mean, intellectually we can understand that the stereotype of women is of creation and nurturing… but seriously this is something more twisted than just a misunderstanding.

    What are we taught when we first begin hunting regarding the public? To be respectful. To give no reason, no fuel for the fires of anti-hunters. And very similar to what we were taught coming online (So very much the same as what we learned also from our parents)- to be polite, compassionate and always, always, always aware everything we do or say online reflects us professionally. Well. THAT certainly makes it easy and nice for those who obviously were not given those same stops and responsibility for their own words and actions.
    Keep the faith, Kristie.

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