Twin Training Update!!

Sister Dr. Christie with her speed goat!

Bu Lanny Barnes

Tracy and I wanted to send you an update on how our training was going as we get closer to the racing season. A few weeks back we took a trip out to Utah for some races and intense training. We had a phenomenal block of training! During our races Tracy and I posted personal best times rollerskiing and shooting on the course at Soldier Hollow, the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Since then, we had a shooting competitions and successful hunts that have really helped our shooting. We also did a combo antelope and elk hunt with our older sister who hasn’t had an opportunity to hunt in 13 years because of her sacrifice in becoming an Otolaryngologist or Ear/Nose/Throat surgeon. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with the whole family and was made even better when our sister got an antelope and an elk within two days.

Sister Christie's bull elk!

Sister Christie's bull elk

After the hunts, we’ve been training hard at home and are now back out in Utah for National team training camp. We will be out here in Midway, UT for two weeks and will train with all the best male and female biathletes in the US. While out in Utah we will rollerski, run, bike, shoot, jump, sprint, strength, stretch, and push our bodies to become faster and stronger. At the end our our training camp we will have two races to see how the training has helped. After the camp we head home to make our final preps before heading to Europe to get on snow around the first of November. We are really excited with how are training has been going having set personal best times skiing. The first World Cups start at the end of November and our goal is to make sure we are not only there representing you, but to bring home the first women’s World Cup medal!

Twin Biathlets and Prois Pro Staffers Tracy and Lanny Barnes

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