Twin Biathletes Racing for Olympic Gold!!

Prois Pro-Staffers and Twin Biathletes Tracy and Lanny Barnes

The Olympic racing season has started! Yep, I know, it seems a bit early seeing as though the Olympics aren’t until February. But the qualifications started last week in Jericho, Vermont. Close to 150 athletes from the U.S., Canada, Sweden, and Lithuania showed up for the event. The weekend consisted of 2 races. A short 7.5 kilometer sprint race with two shooting stages and a 10 kilometer pursuit race with 4 shooting stages. The first race for Tracy and Lanny was anything but good. Poor shooting and timid skiing put the twins in the middle of the pack. The next day, with a bit of fire lit behind their back sides, and a hunger for blood, Lanny and Tracy came out guns a-blazin’ and had the fastest times for the Americans, putting them in a good
spot for the qualifiers. The twins made a huge jump from the day before, shooting great and skiing fast too. The best news that came out of the weekend of racing was that the twin’s legs were feeling better than they have in years. They experienced no symptoms like they did in years past. This put a huge smile on the twins face and made them even more motivated going into the fall training season and leading up to the Olympics this winter. The fall months are going to be packed for Tracy and Lanny as they prepare for the winter and the
next set of qualifying races in Utah in October. The twins will be home only for a week this fall and once October hits, they’ll probably only make it home a couple of days before the end of March. The qualifying races for making the Olympic team started in August and will go through the beginning of January, at which point the Olympic team will be named. And the twins have their shoe laces tied and are ready for the big push. The twins want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting them. You are their motivation. Have a great fall
and let’s go for gold!

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