Tracey and Lanny Barnes are Buff!!!

By Twin Biathletes and Prois Pro-Staffers Tracy and Lanny Barnes


Tracy and I wanted to update you on how training has been going over the past month. We have really ramped up the training from the spring and are training non stop now that summer has hit. We have been doing a lot of skiing (until the snow melted a few weeks ago), running, biking, strength, and a lot of shooting. Tracy and I have been mixing it up and have been cross-training in some different events this year. A few weeks back, we competed in the Sportsman Team Challenge. A super exciting and action packed shooting event that tests your skills in rifle, pistol and shotgun. We also just competed in a half marathon trail run yesterday and finished 1st and second in the women’s category and 5th & 6th overall. We are using these cross training competitions to get us out of our comfort zone for biathlon and help push us up to that next level.

We are both in great shape right now and are really starting to feel the gains from all those years of building up our physiological base. It takes many years to be able to build up your physiological base for an endurance sport like biathlon. We are just reaching our physiological peak, so you can say our best years and best performances are ahead of us. We have a full summer packed with exciting races, shooting competitions, and training, so stay tuned for updates and pictures. You can also check out our website- or friend us on facebook (TracyLanny Barnes) or like our Twin Biathletes page (Twin Biathletes) and we’ll keep it updated with photos, blogs, and results! Look for blogs in the coming weeks about training, nutrition, and 3-gun. We head out east to New York and Vermont in July and August for some intense biathlon training. While we are out there we will be competing in the US Summer Biathlon National Championships where we hope to defend our National Championship titles. It will be a National team camp too, so we will be training with our teammates from all over the US. Thank you so much for all your support! We wouldn’t be able to go for gold with out your help.


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