A Word From The Prois CEO- Cumbre Is Coming!

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel

When it comes to the highest functioning, best fitting hunting apparel for women, Próis is the top choice among avid female hunters.  Since day one, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to creating technical apparel specifically designed to meet the performance needs of die-hard female hunters with no frills and all function — and a camo pattern that provides the best concealment advantage is no exception.  This is exactly why the company worked side-by-side with Veil® Camo on the design process to create an innovative pattern that provides optimal concealment, exclusively for women who hunt hard.

It has long been the vision of Prois to strategize with Veil to create a camouflage that is specific to women only.  It is our belief that female hunters do not need to be identified by pink, purple and turquoise accents and embroidery.  The Cumbre pattern was developed on these principles, to offer women their own, identifiable camouflage pattern that is scientific, effective and functional.  Welcome to the new frontier for female hunters- Veil-Cumbre camouflage with Prois.  For women, by women.

Prois has been heavily involved in the design process of the new Cumbre pattern, working closely with Veil® Camo to create a pattern with a diverse western landscape in mind, while also utilizing colorations that provide excellent concealment in all regions, and we’re proud to finally start sharing it with the industry.  We look forward to offering sub-licensing opportunities to our fellow manufacturers.


So, what makes Cumbre THE camouflage for women?

Veil-Cumbre contains both macro disruption and textural disruption strategies that come together in one of the most aggressive, high functioning and visually distinctive patterns available.  The color palette is a careful combination of tones pulled directly from the environment and used in a calculated balance that ensures maximum performance.  The blends of browns, grays greens and tans are carefully sunchronized to create disruption that works in open space as well as deep timber.  Cumbre stands for “above the rest”..and it is THE ideal camouflage for serious female hunters that demand a new level of performance from their concealment strategy.

For more information, visit www.proishunting.com