From the Prois Ladies Room…Cupid Gives Me the Willies.

By: Kirstie Pike-CEO Prois Hunting Apparel

I’m not a huge fan of Valentines Day.

I’ve tried to find different ways to figure out why I am so conflicted about Valentine’s Day.

Is it because Valentine’s Day  is a commercial day  built on the premises of consumerism and guilt with a thinly veiled message of love and affection?

No.  It’s not that. Although that is an excellent point.

Is it because I do not love love?


I love love. I just hate cupid.

He’s lame.

And I find his whole terrifying persona a psychiatric case study.  Seriously.  Why is a half-naked child tasked with the duty of encouraging love and affection.  First…he is half-naked and I am most likely not alone in thinking this is conflicted.  Second…he looks so angelic and charismatic, yet he has violent tendencies without regard to others.  Can you say ‘sociopath’?  Nothing says ‘love’ better than receiving a flesh wound from a sociopathic, half-dressed, flying child.

See what I mean?
…and the last thing I want is a hunk of chocolate cast in the likeness of this evil child.

I shudder to think what will happen when Cupid upgrades his traditional bow to a crossbow.

…and people think the tooth fairy is scary.