The Latest and Greatest from Karen Brigman

Karen Brigman and Dan Hannum and Rocky, of the Webley & Scott Shooting Team, preparing to start a run

By Karen Brigman

Waterfowl hunting is my passion and I have been getting out to hunt as often as possible in the two months since my big Killam, Alberta Canada goose hunt trip.  It’s been tough so far because of a dry year, but I have been exploring new hunt locations and visiting all the nearby Wildlife Management Areas and Wildlife Refuges.  I have a now 7 month old retriever puppy who got to go on her first hunt recently, which was a blast.  I’ve been posting lots of pictures on my Facebook page,  .  Tomorrow I go on my first swan hunt!  Puppy has to stay home for this one.  These birds are four times the size of her little body, lol.

Last week I participated in the Big Rock Sports – Canada dealer show in Las Vegas to help promote another industry sponsor.  It was my second time attending this show.  Last year it was held in Edmonton, AB.  It was a very successful event for them again and I couldn’t help but think that it would be a great fit for Prois as well.  Canadians are very active hunters!  Las Vegas is a pretty convenient location too, though I like traveling and wouldn’t mind going back to Canada again soon.

This past weekend I judged a bird dog Chukar hunting competition in Susanville, California for the Wild West Shootout Gun Dog Championships.  This is where hunters get to test and demonstrate their pointing and flushing dogs’ skills at working a field for big prizes and tons of fun.  It was crazy nasty weather in the West that weekend, but we had one beautiful day between two wet ones and still had an amazing time.  My Prois blaze orange hat was a requirement to do the work and my Sherpa jacket was perfect to keep me warm but not hot while I tromped through thick brush all day following the hunters.  I would have LOVED a pair of Prois’ upland brush pants (this is what they’re made for!), but they have been sold out in my size for a while now.  Definitely a hot item and I need to submit a gear request to get on the list for when they come back in stock.

I have joined the committee for the Reno chapter of Ducks Unlimited and will be helping to organize the fundraising dinner in March.  I am also pursuing a volunteer position with the conservation group Vanishing Paradise. This position and its duties would be a huge chance for me to give back to the community and help spread awareness of the dire needs of the critically important and struggling wetland habitat that is the Mississippi Delta.

Lastly, I signed up to go on the Ladies Duck Hunt in Arkansas on the 13-14th of December.  It’s the one being organized by Babes, Bullets, & Broadheads and I learned about it through Prois’ Facebook page.  You’ll remember they were giving away a spot, which I didn’t win, but I just couldn’t pass up the exciting opportunity.  It is going to be an adventure of a lifetime.  I’ve got my licenses, my plane tickets, my guns & ammo, and I am SO ready to go.  Prois will be there!  I will definitely write all about the experience, take lots of pictures, and I can’t wait to meet and connect with the other women who are going.
That’s it for now.  I just wanted to say that I am as excited as ever to be a part of this team and represent women hunters everywhere.  As I get increasingly involved in the community and industry, I meet more and more people who share this passion.  It is such a good feeling and I am really looking forward to what the future will bring and what doors may open up.