Prois Staffer Nancy Rodriguez Gets Her Man!

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

The ladies of Prois are getting it done! We at Prois take great pride in surrounding ourselves with amazing ladies from all over the world!  We love to share their successes, their stories and their humor!  Without these ladies, Prois would not be what it is today!

Prois Staffer Nancy Rodriquez Bags Her 2016 Muley!

Prois Staffer Nancy Rodriquez Bags Her 2016 Muley!

Prois Staffer Nancy Rodriquez puts another amazing backcountry adventure is in the books. According to Nancy, “I feel incredibly blessed to have taken this muley after living out of a backpack on the mountain for 5 days with intense winds, snow, and downright freezing temps. So worth it!!”

Nancy Rodriguez lives in California and is the owner of Artifacts and Fossils.  She hunts year round and takes great pride int he hard work she puts forth to her hunting endeavors.  She does indeed have a wicked sense of humor and may be one of the only other ladies to have feet as big as Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike.

To see what the ladies of Prois wear for THEIR hunting adventures, check out!

Prois Hunting Apparel for Women- Layering Your Hunting Clothing…As Easy as 1,2,3!

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO
Prois Hunting Apparel


We’ve all heard about it…but what exactly should a female hunter consider when it comes to layering clothing in the various hunting seasons?  There is often a misconception out there that layering consists of one thing and one thing only…a really heavy layer.  Often, women feel compelled to bundle like the Michelin Tire Man, cocooning themselves in an unusual amount of heavy jacketry.  (Yes…jacketry is a word…at least here at Prois Hunting).  Not only is this method bulky and unnecessary, it is not at all the best method of thermoregulation in the outdoors.

So, you might ask…What IS the best method of layering?

Well, we might reply…it is as easy as 1,2,3.  (Or…BIS)

1.  Baselayer-  A wicking Baselayer is a must.  Not only should a Baselayer function as a wicking undergarment that will pull moisture from the skin to help keep you warm.  It should be able to function as an outergarment as temperatures climb.  Thus, allowing it to breathe and wick to keep you cool.  From Prois, we recommend any of the Ultra Shirts..all engineered with polyester birdseye fabric that provides that ability to keep warm in cool climates and cool in warm climates.

Please remember- you do not need several baselayers at a single time unless you are truly in very cold climates and undergoing little physical exertion.  You can add warmth in those conditions through optimal insulatory layers.

2. Insulation- Simply a warm midlayer.  Nothing more.  The insulation layer should optimally warm the core.  We highly recommend a vest or light jacket for this layer.  I personally recommend the Pro-Edition vest, Reversible Sherpa Vest or Sherpa Jacket for this layer.  You do not need super technical fabrics and windstopper for this layer…just warmth.  Additionally- all of the aforementioned pieces have scapular pockets between the shoulder blades and lumbar compartments across the lower back to hold activated hand warmers- thus increasing the core warming in cold climates.

3. Shell- Yep- the shell.  The shell should be the item to protect you from all that Mother Nature throws your way.  This is where waterproofing, wind-resistance and protective features are important.  Your optimal shell choice will be completely dependent on the geographic locations and climate conditions you will be hunting in.  For moisture-rich regions, we recommend the Eliminator Rain Jacket/Pants which are waterproof and breathable.  For regions in which the temperatures may change from 20 degrees in the morning to 60 degrees in the afternoon we recommend the Pro-Edition or Generation X Jackets which offer windstopping and water resistance.  They are lighter weight and are very effective in cold weather with a good insulatory layer.  For the cold climates we recommend the XTREME jacket and pants which offer water resistance and 150Gm Thinsulate for added warmth.

So there it is.  The secrets of layering.  Stay tuned as we continue this series with our picks for layering options in various hunting conditions…  it will be riveting!

Prois Hunting Field Staffer, Amy Hanneman Layers Up with the Generation X Jacket


The Husband Sweat-Shop

You already know that Prois is the most technical, functional, hard-core women’s hunting and field apparel on the market. We know you already know that Prois is badassery defined.  And we shouldn’t even need to point out that the best looking ladies in the world work for and support Prois! That’s a given!

We are certain, however, that there is one important detail about Prois that you do not yet know.

“Where do all the clothes come from?” You ask?

Why, a “Husband Sweat-Shop”, but of course!

We had the pleasure of meeting Kathie Smith Langdon in Salt Lake City. When she decided to sneak away from the booth to try on a jacket, she left her husband behind as collateral (typical protocol). As handsome as he is, he fell to the same fate that has met many a husband; Kathy never came back. She chose the jacket and ran!

Although devastating for her husband, Prois was ecstatic to have such fresh strong muscle for our sweat-shop!

So, here he is diligently reporting to duty, ensuring that the world will continue to be supplied with the best Women’s Hunting Apparel on the market.