Prois Was There!

By Christy Turner

Stacy, Jon, and Maison Sissney from His & Hers Outdoors came down to Texas for a weekend visit.  Callie and Cassie’s Cousin Sienna, is down visiting also from Colorado.  I took them all to our favorite “Honey Hole” fishing spot where Sienna caught her very first fish!!! A great Bass she reeled in too!  We had some tough luck on our hog hunting this weekend but I was able to lay one down last night finally! #Proiswasthere

Great times with great friends and family this weekend!

Prois was there all weekend!

By Christy Turner


wWhat an amazing weekend I had with Becky Lou Lacock two weekends ago at the Priefert Ranch in Mount Pleasant Texas. Our days were relaxing hanging out at the ranch watching Chloe ride the 4 wheeler and watching her ride the mare named Buttercup.

We got to meet the world’s largest horse named Radar who is over 19 hands, he was an amazing sight. We also got to meet world famous Australian, Guy McLean. He is an International Horseman, Entertainer and Poet. In between the laughing and cutting up we got serious in the mornings and evenings to try and get eleven year old Chloe from Tennessee her first Texas Hog. We had some pictures on a game camera, stumbled upon some Hog hair on the trail and had a real close encounter on the ground with them Friday evening.

The Hogs were right there, I could even smell them and Becky Lou almost got ate but I was watching her back. Our time ran out before Chloe could bag her first Hog but we made a lot of good memories and hope to try again someday soon.  Our gracious host was Travis Priefert, the Grandson of Marvin Priefert who was the founder of the family owned and operated Priefert Manufacturing. You need to check out their web site at and read, about the family. This hardworking family lives the American dream because they refused to give up even when times were tough they said. I admire each and every one ofthem and respect how humble and honest they all are. Also watch for their new reality-based hunting tv show called “The Prieferts” on the Sportsman Channel. The premiere will air July 3rd 9:30C. This is going to be a must see, I can’t wait!


Fear not Christy Turner bagged herself a hog last weekend while hunting and fishing with fellow Prois gal Stacy Sissney and family !



Teach Your Children Well

By Prois Staffer Christy Turner


Last Saturday we went to our “Honey Hole” our secret Bass fishing lake.  It is a private lake on a friend’s 700 acre ranch that he is so nice to let us come and fish anytime.  It makes a great family time for us as I pack a picnic and cooler and we spend the whole day out there in the middle of nowhere.  We were using weedless worms and frogs to catch these Bass.

It is so much fun because the water is so clear and you just skip your frog over the weeds and lily pads and the Bass just could not help themselves.  I don’t know who gets more excited to reel in a fish, the girls or I!

Teach Your Children Well!

Christy Turner mentoring a future hunter

By Prois Event Staffer Christy Turner
I just wanted to share with you all what our Wildlife Committee did last week.

Henderson County Spring Rendezvous is organized by the Henderson County Wildlife Committee along with volunteers from the Texas Parks and Wildlife, Henderson County Game Wardens and the N.R.C.S.


The Volunteers!

It is held at the Henderson County Fair grounds and consists of two days.  With an estimate of four to five hundred Fifth graders who are invited each year.  Wednesday buses started to arrive at 8:45a.m dropping students off from Athens Intermediate and Athens Christian Academy.  Thursday’s participating students arrived from Cayuga, Cross Roads, Eustace, LaPoynor, Malakoff, Trinidad and Murchison Schools.


Wow! Good job!

The students divide into 6 groups and rotate throughout the day to various stations. Our 6 stations are Archery, Rifle, Reptiles, Game Wardens, Fishing and Natural Resource Conservation. This is a lot of fun for the kids.  With a lot of new experiences, first times for most of the students and it makes for an exciting day.  We break for a sack lunch and finish in time for buses to get back to their schools before the end of the school day.  This is an event that the Wildlife Committee and all volunteers look forward to every year.

You can view more pictures and information at   It was a great time!