Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike, Now Penning ‘the Archeress’ Blogspot on Bowhunt America!

Mongo and the Cavebride
Does man’s need to tinker with archery equpiment stretch back to troglodyte days?

By Kirstie Pike–CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel

My husband obsessively tinkers with my bow. From his perspective, it is less of a matter of tinkering and more of a constant state of improvement. From my perspective it is nothing short of sabotage. It seems there is always a newer sight, better rest or improved stabilizer that MUST be added to my bow immediately.

I am convinced down to the deep recesses of my soul that there is some tweak to the male DNA dating back to the Cro-Magnum man that drives this incredible impulse in men.  I have often envisioned Mongo the caveman chipping away at the stone axe of his lovely cavebride and grunting that somehow this will make said stone axe work much better.  Do you think cavemen understood the universal sign of rolling eyes back then?  Perhaps. My Mongo continues to tinker. This tinkering is all good and well EXCEPT that each improvement sends me back to the targets to re-learn the new intricacies of my bow. Here is a typical bow-related conversation at our household….

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