ONLY AT PROIS… WHO Will Be the Bedazzle-Off Champions of the WORLD?!?

Never ones to shy away from a challenge…Prois has officially accepted the Bedazzle Challenge of the century from Jen Cordaro and Angie Wilson. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

What is at stake? Well, just the esteemed title of Bedazzle Off Champion of the World. Not a big deal you say? Gasp… It is only akin to the Heavy Weight title in boxing. Stanley cup in hockey. Triple Crown in horse racing. Yeah. It’s ALL that and more.

It is THAT important.

So…stay tuned. May 31st is the day to mark on your calendars. We will have the Prois Posse weigh in to determine the Bedazzle Off Champion of the WORLD!

While Angie and Jen may have an inside edge in the Bedazzling world given Jen’s Bedazzling photo shoots and Angie’s desire to have a bedazzled car, Kirstie Pike and Katherine Grand are not ones to be outdone. Their creativity (typically enhanced with coffee and/or wine) is unsurpassed. It’s true…Angie and Jen don’t really even stand a chance but we will humor them anyway.

Who will be the Bedazzle Off Champions of the WORLD???
Stay Tuned #ProisBedazzleOff