Prois in Archery with Adrienne Olufs

by Prois Event Staffer Adrienne Olufs

During the past few months, we’ve had a few big archery shoots in Northern California and Prois was there! In April, our local archery club hosted the NCFAA 3D Championship called the Ultimate Bowhunt. We had a small group of lady archers for this event, but the ones who were there were excited to see the Prois samples! We raffled off a black Ultra Hoodie for this event too.

This past weekend, I set up a table display for the Western States Traditional Rendezvous. This is a big event that rotates from state to state and it was our turn in California to host it for this year. This was a 3 day shoot with about 300+/- shooters. There were a lot of ladies shooting this event and we gave out a lot of catalogs to those interested. It was so fun to talk to like-minded ladies about the Prois lines, quality of the clothing, and awesome features (that ONLY women would think of ).

Although representing at these events are SO much fun, I can’t wait to see more ladies in archery sporting their Prois gear. Thank you to everybody who stopped by and chatted with me. Keep on shooting (in fantastic gear, of course)!