Candy Bowerman Yow

 Having lived on large ranches most of my life I have had to work and keep up with the guys on a regular basis. So when hunting became a part of my life it seemed easier than most thought to keep up with the men.  Growing up women always hunted, but mostly for the meat and not too much for trophy.  We grew to have a huge respect for the animal and appreciated the food they brought to our table. My sister and I would be out scouting for the biggest bucks long before the season opened, we were suppose to be building fence or checking salt but instead we got caught following a big buck in completely the wrong direction from where we were suppose to be working Some of my fondest memories are climbing rim rocks dodging rattlesnakes to catch a glimpse of a big one as he ran off over the next rim.  Of course as poor rancher kids we had never even seen a pair of binoculars, so we had to put quite the sneak on them.


Now as our lives are full of different aspects of hunting it has become one of my goals to reach out to other women in the field and encourage them as well as children to get involved in sport that has existed since the beginning of time. To understand the meaning of true hunting, fair chase, backcountry, public lands, hunting.  To appreciate the beauty that God has created for us to enjoy, to watch the wildlife and appreciate the full circle of life. To hike, carry, blister and ache to get over the next ridge to see the “Big One”, then to blister and ache even more as we pack it out on our backs.  This is what brings memories and builds character in our lives, and my goal is to support and encourage as many people to share in that as I can.  If they can’t get out and participate I hope to bring shows, pictures and stories back to them of the adventures we encounter.  “It’s not always perfect but it is always real” as Randy says.  We have our good and bad days but looking back the bad ones are what really make the story. 


Now as a Professional’s in the Hunting Industry we share our stories on Extreme Desire TV as well as in the stories we write and submit to magazine’s such as Bugle, Eastmens, and Huntin Fool to name a few.  We believe in Ethical hunting on Public lands, involving family and reaching out to causes such as Wounded Warrior, and Hunt of a Lifetime.  I work hard to promote women in hunting, encouraging them to get out and try, and watch as they beam after they bring down a big buck or arrow a bull.  As always you can find me beside Randy whether it is climbing the mountains in Wyoming, or floating on a boat on the Oregon coast, together we will work to bring excitement and adventure to you through our show. Standing up for the rights of our American citizens and our hunting tradition, promoting other venues that do the same, and standing beside our co-harts in the field promoting and supporting our hunting industry.


My loves in life are God, Family, Children and animals. I spend as many waking hours as I can outside enjoying what our Great Lord created.  I love to ride, train and teach others about horses, hike, hunt, fish and just soak up the sun.  I enjoy children of all ages and have taught Special Ed classes, riding lessons, been a 4-H leader, Sunday school teacher, Mom, Aunt, and Grandma (being a Grandma is the best!). I believe in honesty, hard work and our Country.  My children are most valuable asset, and my family is what I work and live for. I make a living as a Real Estate Agent, and a Catering Business, but I work only so I can play and turn that into our dream Extreme Desire.