Kendra Petska
Kendra grew up in the Sandhills region of Nebraska, in a family of hunters. She loves bowhunting and also pursues upland birds and waterfowl. An avid angler, she enjoys fishing the ocean in Alaska for salmon and halibut. Last year Kendra shot an awesome mule deer buck on her boyfriend Samís family ranch. In 2008 Kendra earned a BS in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska, and works on her familyís cattle ranch and Samís Quarter Horse ranch. She feels blessed to use her education to further the conservation and management of all animals, domestic and wild.  
Linda Powell
Coworkers introduced Linda to the shooting sports 15 years ago, and she soon discovered a hidden passion for big game hunting. Now Linda has become an accomplished huntress, hunting throughout the U.S. and around the world. Her favorite passions remain bear, elk, and turkey hunting, but Linda especially enjoys sharing her adventures with new hunters. Currently director of public relations for O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Linda is a life member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and present RMEF board member; an endowment member of the NRA; and a member of the Boone and Crockett Club and Safari Club International.  
Missy Sharrone
Missy craves the peace, comfort, and passion of the woods. Spending time in a tree stand allows her mind to leave the regular world behind and focus on the one of lifeís greatest pleasures, hunting. White-tailed deer, black bears, wild boars, and turkeys are some of Missyís favorite game animals to pursue. She especially loves bowhunting, and took her first wild turkey with a bow. Missy enjoys competing in 3-D events, to keep her archery skills up to snuff. Born in North Dakota, but raised in northeastern Ohio, Missy also loves fishing and camping and spending time outdoors with her family.  
Jacquie Shore
Jacquie Shore is a professional hunter who has been featured along with her husband on several shows. They are now the hosts of the new series Hitmen Canada on Wild TV. Jacquie is the proud mother of four and has a background and degree in Biology. She worked for many years for the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario doing wildlife and flora research.  
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