Julie Golob
Julie Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world and captain of the Smith & Wesson Pro Shooting Team. As a young girl, she began shooting and hunting with her father, Pete Goloski. Over her 20-year shooting career, Julie has won more than 120 championship titles in international, national, and regional competitions. Julie is also an author and her first book, SHOOT, was published in February of 2012. With a rigorous competition season, Julie looks forward to hunting as both a thrilling and relaxing pursuit. A foodie at heart, she has a passion for preparing wild game in new ways for the table, sharing recipes and hunting experiences on her website, JulieGolob.com.  
Kelly Heard
Oregonian Kelly Heard is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has loved the great outdoors since childhood. She has been an avid rifle hunter for Oregon’s abundant game, including blacktails and mule deer, Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain elk, antelopes, and black bears. At 46 Kelly picked up a bow for the first time and now bowhunts almost exclusively. She has been blessed to hunt internationally, including a solo trip to New Zealand, where she took a magnificent red deer, and a moose hunt with her husband in northern British Columbia. Kelly works to promote commonsense approaches toward wildlife stewardship.  
Christina Holden
Christina grew up in a hunting family and developed a strong affinity for the outdoors. She’s spent countless hours in waterfowl blinds, always with her yellow lab, Gauge. She is one subspecies away from her Turkey Grand Slam. Christina has written widely, from features on the Chesapeake Bay to hunting articles about youngsters and women. Christina coordinates worldwide hunts for wounded veterans, filmed for Jim Zumbo Outdoors on Outdoor Channel. Her most exciting moments include confrontations with a brown bear in Alaska and a cobra in Africa—and a South Dakota turkey that strutted all the way to her shotgun.  
Stacey Huston
Stacey is a wildlife photographer, with images published in numerous outdoor magazines and catalogs, as well as an avid huntress, angler, falconer, and raptor rehabilitator. She was raised in the mountains of northwest Montana, with a deep respect for the outdoors and all things wild. Stacey and her family enjoy hunting with longbows and self bows, and any time spent outside. She much prefers the high country to the mall, and feels more at home in heavy timber than in any town. She is passionate about what she does, and about nature and our place in it. See her photos at afocusinthewild.com.  
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