Niki Atcheson
Niki Atcheson grew up in a Central Africa, in what is now Burundi and Rwanda, as the daughter of Dr missionary parents. Her father hunted and she caught the bug. Years later during the infamous Hutu/Tutsi genocide she completed her University training in Marine Biology in the USA diving all over the world doing seagrass biology studies. Niki began hunting after several NRA courses and hunting Washington State with her father, became a range master, and started hunting her beloved Africa for dangerous game. In particular Niki loves to hunt old dagga boy Cape buffalo and is headed to # 20 shortly. In the meantime she worked guiding for Eugene Yap of South Point Safaris on Mauna Loa. "I guided from 12,000 ft in pure lava fields to the dense lower jungles in one of the most remote areas in the USA. We hunted the genetically purest strain of muflon sheep in the world, huge wild cattle, turkey and other birds, wild goats, boars etc. The flora and fauna there were some of the rarest in the world and I loved learning about each of them and enthusing my clients about each one." Niki currently cooks, guides and entertains for her husband, Keith Atcheson, of Jack Atcheson and Sons International Hunting Consultants, and their personal Hunters Montana business. "I love taking people into the wilderness and hunting and teaching. Hunters are the greatest people in the world!" Niki also heads up a club of women, The Women of The Four Winds. Many of these women are also professional hunters and teach and share with each other. As well as meeting to discuss important environmental topics, legislature, first aid etc these dedicated women raise money for specialized disabled equipment to get kids and vets in the field in any capacity! "My other passions are gardening, languages, and true life adventure novels especially about women. Women Rock the world!!!" Over the years Niki also occasionally writes articles. Currently she is writing interviews for a new informational website, Prois's own Kirstie Pike will be featured in the next interview on the website so check it out.  
Barbara Baird
Barbara Baird is a freelance writer from Rolla, Missouri, specializing in outdoor and travel markets, with columns in Turkey Country, Shooting Sports USA and Show Me Missouri magazines. She is a contributing editor at SHOT Business magazine and a news blogger/feature writer at She publishes the e-zine, which features women who hunt, fish and shoot. An NRA-certified pistol instructor and range safety officer, Barbara teaches handgun classes in Missouri and podcasts weekly on Urban Shooter.  
Tracy and Lanny Barnes
Twin sisters Tracy and Lanny are Olympians in the sport of biathlon, who grew up hunting and fishing in Colorado. They competed together in Torino, Italy, in 2006, and Lanny competed in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, where she posted the best U.S. women’s finish in 16 years. Tracy was crowned world’s best biathlon shooter in March 2011. Currently they are training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They claim that biathlon has made them better hunters and hunting has made them better biathletes, as they are able to shoot rifles accurately with a heart rate of 180 beats per minute.  
Jennifer Barvitski
Jennifer is a Colorado architect, wife, and mother, who began hunting as a young girl with a BB gun, tagging along with her father and brother during dove season. She soon graduated to larger, more effective firearms. Now Jennifer prefers her BowTech Equalizer, Sako .300 Winchester Magnum, or Steyr Mannlicher .270, and her Ruger 20-gauge or Beretta 12-gauge. Jennifer has hunted in Botswana, Tanzania, and South Africa, as well as in Mexico and throughout the United States. Her favorite quarry are elk, white-tailed deer, quail, and doves, but she loves pursuing new game and new adventures with her family.  
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