Small Things Come in Big Packages

By Katherine Grand

A riveting true story . . . call to inquire about the movie rights.



My good friend Mary who works for FedEx walked in with an exceeding large box.  I am taking refrigerator sized Jerry rigged box that at least 7 umpa lumpas could fit inside.  I saw her carrying it in and admired her physical prowess as she seemed not to be phased in the least by this enormous and I assumed heavy box.

Boxicus Humungolous

I called out “That thing is huge!”. She said, “Yeah but it’s really light.” 


What could it be I wondered?  I opened it up to see the most unexpected and ridiculous contents imaginable.  Well I guess the contents were not so strange as the amount of space that was utilized.  Inside this box that could house a large family of badgers was a broken fishing rod and a Pro-Edition Jacket.

What in the . . . ?

These items had been deemed defective by a big box store that shall remain nameless and sent back to us for a refund.  Strangely we do not make fishing rods and the PHD candidate that packed this box had mistaken the wayward rod for a second Pro-Edition Jacket.  Strange days indeed.  Luckily we now have a castle, or submarine, or cave, or spaceship available when we need a break from work at the Prois office.

Katherine's famous possessed by demons look


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