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Competitor Shooter Vest Black Apron Shot FrontCompetitor Shooter Vest Black BackCompetitor Shooter Vest Khaki FrontCompetitor Shooter Vest Khaki BackCompetitor Shooter Vest Khaki Apron Shot Front

Competitor Shooter’s Vest

$ 239.99

One of a Kind Vest- Unzips at Waistline to Convert to an Apron! Not a kitchen apron. That would be weird.

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Looking for the ultimate in functional shooting vest? Prois delivers the goods! The Competitor vest is constructed of heavyweight cotton/poly/canvas and lightweight poly mesh. Bilateral shoulder padding integrated to accommodate left or right dominant shooters. Internal pockets on each side of the chest to accomodate gel packs- we suggest the Kick-Eze pads- also available at Prois! Front expandable cargo pockets with magnetic closures for easy access. Rear mesh pouch for holding spent hulls with zipper for easy emptying engineered with lightweight 100% polyester mesh. Adjustable cam straps and buckle at waistline. Attractive, feminine cut. So, you don’t care to use a full vest for all of your shooting outings? THE PROIS COMPETITOR VEST UNZIPS AT THE WAIST TO CONVERT INTO A SHOOTING APRON TO ALLOW THE ULTIMATE IN FUNCTION. Only at Prois!

Note: Size chart does not apply to accessories (or Hoodie)
Size 0-2
Chest (inches) 32-33 34-34 36-38 38-40 40-42
Waist (inches) 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-34
Hips (inches) 34-36 36-38 38-40 40-42 42-44
Inseam (inches) 31 32 33 34 34



Black, Khaki