Prois Cap Realtree Max-1
Prois Cap Realtree APProis Cap Realtree Max-1Prois Cap Mossy Oak TreestandProis Cap Blaze OrangeProis Cap Blaze Orange with Brown Waxed Canvas BillProis Cap BlackProis Cap BrownProis Cap OliveProis Cap KhakiProis Cap PumpkinCARHART-COLOR-HATProis Cap Slate CanvasProis Cap SuedeProis Cap Wicking BlackProis Cap Wicking WhiteLt Gray WickingBright Yellow WickingProis Cap Pink TruckerProis Cap Charcoal TruckerTangerine TruckerJadeOiled BrownChili PepperWool and BrownTeal

Prois Caps

$ 26.99

Because we love hats, especially on bad hair days…we have a vast array of cap choices from camo to khaki and everything in between. Clearly…we have a lot of bad hair days. Don’t judge.

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Enjoy this lower profile cap with adjustable closure. This cap is a great addition that we are certain you will love! 100% canvas construction.


Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1, Mossy Oak, Blaze Orange, Blaze w/ Brown Waxed Bill, Black, Brown, Olive, Khaki, Pumpkin, Canvas Duck, Slate Canvas, Suede, Wicking – Charcoal, Wicking – White, Wicking – Lt Gray, Wicking – Bright Yellow, Trucker – Pink, Trucker – Charcoal, Trucker – Tangerine, Jade, Oiled Brown, Chili Pepper, Wool and Brown, Teal