Shooting a Doe


I overheard someone scoff at the fact I was excited and sharing pictures of the doe I harvested the morning of opening day. For just a short moment I thought, geez, maybe it is a little childish. I mean, I shot the first dear that walked out.  Most people it seems only brag about the biggest bucks and if they shoot a doe, aren’t proud and even act embarrassed to admit. Or sometimes, if it’s not a huge buck, they give some sort of excuse why they took it like they are having to defend themselves.

But then I realized that I really don’t care what they think. I don’t. I don’t have land of my own to hunt, I am blessed with the occasional invite from friends or when we travel out of state to visit my in-laws, we have very little time to hunt there. My number one goal is to fill my freezer with venison. One deer usually lasts most of the year for our small family. We save the loins and a couple of roasts to use for other things  but other than that, we grind most of it up and use it with anything that calls for ground meat.

So HELL YEAH I’m proud of that doe. I’m proud of the fact that I just provided my family with many nights of good clean meat to eat.  Not to mention I didn’t exactly sit in a warm cozy permanent stand to hunt by a feeder. (I have and would if I could again- so no judging on this end), but sometimes the harder you work or more you commit, the greater the value of the reward. In my case, it is a doe. She walked out of the woods, turned and started to walk back in so I took the shot.

With that one shot, the pressure of filling our freezer is off. I am now very comfortable with waiting for a buck if I choose to. But I would also be proud to shoot another doe. Either way, it means more meat to share with friends and family. Who wouldn’t be proud of that?

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  1. GO KARA! It is important to harvest does to manage population. It is important to utilize what you kill. I am proud that you do both of those things! 🙂 You SHOULD be proud. It’s not always about horns. Part of the difference between a hunter and a collector.

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