Realtree Camo Patterns Offer Realistic Designs

It can be an almost dizzying experience trying to determine what Camo pattern is for you.  As we started our field work with Prois, we were astonished to find numerous patterns out there that can hide you in virtually any climate from marshes to high mountain praries to the surface of the moon.  We were even surprised to learn about camo patterns made of lips…yes, lips.  While that is quite a fetching idea, you won’t be seeing it in Prois gear!  (I am still scratching my head about WHAT sort of concealment one is looking for with that particular pattern…any insigt?)  We have become quite taken with the numerous Realtree options offered by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises.  While the Hardwoods designs have been tried and true for quite some time,  we really found the Max1 and Max4 patterns to be very unique to their climates.  As we are from Coloroado, the Max1 pattern offers a concealment that is absolutely perfect for hunting in sage and trees- great for any big game hunting in such western climates!  Max4 provide excellent wetland concealment, and we are eager to begin utilizing this pattern in the not-so-distant future. 

But wait, there’s more!  Have you seen the new All Purpose (AP) patterns recently launched by Realtree?  Wow!  They offer 2 distinct AP high definition patterns- AP and AP Green.  Both patterns have an amazing detail and 3-D definition unmatched, in our opionion, by any other camo.  We have utilized the AP in all of our patterns because it offers excellent concealment in almost any type of climate.  It is very versitile. 

But, don’t just take MY word for it…I suggest linking to the Realtree website- they have amazing effectiveness photos that show just how efficient these patterns really are…Let us know your thoughts!


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