2013 Prois Award Recipient is Rachel Ahtila!
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What does it take to win the Prois Award? Guts, determination and a passion for the hunt. Involvement in conservation, management and community. If hunting is your lifestyle, you could be the next Prois Award winner. If you live to hunt and hunt to live, you could be the next Prois Award winner. Whether you have hunted your entire life, or just recently picked up the sport, you could be the next Prois Award winner. This IS the award for the hardcore female hunter! To enter the Prois Award Contest for 2013, please submit your summary of 750 or less describing how you are a female hunter who is not only passionate about hunting, but dedicated to your community, conservation and the betterment of hunting in the future.

Please submit your summary in Word Format.

Only 1 (one) photo per entry will be accepted.

Send submissions to proisaward@proishunting.com

Prois will accept submissions until midnight (Mountain Time) December 1, 2013.

Polling for 2013 is now live!