Prois Staffer, Teri Lancaster, Gives Her 2 Cents About the Prois Ultra Hoodie!

“In October, I got the opportunity to tag along with my favorite hunting partner, my husband, when he was fortunate enough to be drawn for a tag for an elk in Wyoming. So prior to heading out to Wyoming, of course I HAD to go shopping so that I could be properly outfitted with new clothes, camo that is. So I fired up my laptop and went shopping on of course! I purchased a few items with one being the Prois Ultra Hoodie. I purchased the Ultra Hoodie in one size larger than I normally wear, for I wanted to use it as a layering piece and not just as a lightweight shirt. I LOVED the bilateral zippered front pockets! They are roomy enough that I was able to put my phone, chapstick, and small pack of tissues in one pocket and actually put a full water bottle in the other pocket – all with out the fear of losing any item as we trekked along the Wyoming plains and mountains. I liked the thin moisture wicking material and the thumb holes on each sleeve. The only thing Prois could do to make this shirt the bomb would be to add the pockets in that back that are on the Ultra Backcountry shirt – hint hint! I purchased the Prois Ultra Hoodie in both Max1 and Realtree AP. The Ultra Hoodie is definitely a staple in my camo hunting wardrobe for all seasons.”

MSRP: $69.99

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