Prois Staffer, Michelle Bodenheimer Gives Us Great Tips, Tricks and Gear for International Travel — How to Protect Your Hunting Rife as Featured on The Women’s Outdoor News

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Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer shares how to protect your hunting rifle while traveling abroad.


If traveling with a rifle brings on a headache — especially as you think of wading through a sea of TSArequirements, airline regulations, foreign VISAs and import rules — fear not.

I am actively planning my next hunting adventure abroad. This July, I will join The WON’s managing editor,Britney Starr, and 4 other amazing women on a 10-day safari with Starr & Bodill African Safaris.

So, I’ve been doing research on how to keep my rifle and other gear from getting damaged or lost without replacement. I’ve also been learning how best to pack it.

Traveling with a firearm can be a hassle, but with the right preparation and right gear, it can be made much easier.


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