Prois Pranks

By Katherine Grand

After my most recent prank of freezing boss lady’s, AKA Kirstie Pike’s, AKA Manshoe’s prized perfectly sharpened pencils I decided to do a internet search of other fun office pranks to try out.

This video was hilarious but impractical as our offices share space with our warehouse and the ceilings are very high.  Also I am not experienced with dry wall.

This prank would also be hysterical so I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a used toilet.

This prank looks promising though I have always been terrible at wrapping gifts

This next prank would work well as we ofter eat at our desk and I am sure there is already some great growing medium stored in Kirstie’s keyboard.

I have continued to come back to this prank time and time again though my husband Eric convinced me out of it for Kirstie’s pencils because of the stickiness factor.  I have been getting many great ideas from The Office.  The goal is to get a laugh and generate shenanigans without ruining office equipment or getting fired.  For some strange reason I am always the #1 suspect.

This prank would also be pretty hilarious.  Also I like shinny things 🙂

I planned on doing this prank on Monday but I have had so many issues renting a bear

This one would be very appropriate if I used Flaming Cheetos given Kirstie’s love for said snack but I am thinking the resulting cheese stains would enrage my clean freak boss. (See Cleanliness is next to Kirstieness

Finally I am considering this prank as there are many jokes around the office about my bowl movements and I have been gifted air freshener more than once.  When you office nickname is Two Flush this prank looks better and better,

Let me know your favorite prank for next week!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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