Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staff Spotlight… LINDA POWELL

Prois pro-staffer, Linda Powell, has been on the road more than 80 days since the SHOT Show in January; covering points as far west as Hawaii, venturing north to Alberta and British Columbia, with stops in AZ, TX, SC, NV and SD in between. Her schedule only picks up speed from here as she prepares for the fall.

In her role as Manager of Remington’s Press Relations team, Linda is responsible for promoting an extensive line of Remington products including shotguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories with added focus on Brand awareness. Throughout the year, Linda and her team implement a strategic PR plan that includes attendance at over 40 events and shows; many of which are planned and hosted by the PR team. She has seen her role expand as Remington’s parent company has acquired other Brands including Marlin, H&R 1871, New England Firearms, Bushmaster Firearms and most recently, Dakota Arms.

 In addition to major trade and consumer shows (SHOT, NRA), Linda also attended several conservation organizations conventions (SCI, NWTF and RMEF) and then there are the hunts or as she prefers to call them “product support events”.  This is obviously what most people consider the most glamorous and enviable aspect of her job, but as Linda will tell you, it is not all fun and games!  Each of these events or hunts requires extensive planning and coordination, not only in advance of the hunt but during, as her primary responsibility is to host the media and promote the company’s products. A typical day may be taking the back seat as an editor or writer is stalking a mule deer, calling in a turkey or focusing on photography needs to support their articles. Regardless of whether she is the hunter or an observer, any day in the field, regardless of the location, she says is a great place to call her office.While Linda’s spring schedule included hunting predators in Texas, turkeys in Hawaii and Arizona, and black bears in Arizona, Alberta and British Columbia with Prois own CEO, Kirstie Pike, Linda’s fall schedule leaves little time to catch her breath. Writers’ conferences (POMA, SEOPA), Remington’s 49th Annual New Products Seminar and a bevy of product support events ranging from waterfowl and upland hunts to pronghorn, deer and elk, Linda is looking forward to one specific hunt. While most of Linda’s travel is work-related, she also spends her time away from the office in the field. At the end of July, she will travel to the Limpopo area of South Africa for a plains game hunt – her third trip to Africa and this one, a personal hunt.

 When asked about the changes she has experienced in her 13 years in the outdoor industry and as a hunter; no question, Linda states it is the impact that women have had in the marketplace. Manufacturers, hunting operations, gun clubs and ranges, and retailers are now marketing to women and developing products to meet their needs. Linda relayed how she struggled on her first hunt back in 1997, wearing men’s clothing and boots that were 2 sizes larger than she wore; she almost fell as she climbed up the ladder to her stand. Unfortunately these were her only choices at the time.  

“When Kirstie first approached me about Prois Hunting Apparel, designed for the serious woman hunter, I knew that her line of clothing was exactly what I had been searching for,” explained Linda. “Several companies have attempted to address the needs of women hunters but have fallen short with poor fit and designs as well as focusing on fashion instead of performance.”  Continuing Linda stated, “Having ‘field tested’ Prois in a wide range of terrain and conditions, I’m sold. Finally a line of women’s hunting apparel that delivers performance and fit with a fashionable approach. Now I am begging Kirstie to add more pieces to the collection!”   

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