Prois Hunting Apparel Photo Caption Contest- July 2012


Jump in and take part in the fun! Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is sponsoring a monthly photo caption contest which will be posted here, on the Prois Community Blog. This month’s photo was chosen in the spirit of BunBun our office bunny.

How do you participate? Simply supply a unique caption to go with our posted photo in the comments section listed below.

Why should you participate? Well, for starters it’s fun! BUT- the winner that is chosen by the Prois staff will become the proud new owner of a Prois MYSTERY PRIZE!!! OHHHHHHH Mysterious!!!!

What are you waiting for!? Give us YOUR caption!


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  1. As seen in its natural hopitat, the Bun Bun genus is commonly seen to snack upon carrot cookies and drink carrot juice smoothies. More closely related to the common feline house cat, the Bun Bun genus can be trained to utilize a litterbox and like its cousins, believes that its people are there to serve its every desire.

  2. “They will never suspect the cute little furry one”

  3. Silly Bun Bun! Cookies are for the Posse.

  4. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?!?

  5. Forget santa ! The easter bunny is taking over the cookie game .

  6. Seriously…just one more cookie, then it’s right back to work! I prois!

  7. Hahahaha, they’ll just blame it on the dog.

  8. Think of it this way girls- I’m saving you all from the calories. Besides you girls love me too much to eat me if I get fat.

  9. What? Like you don’t like peanut butter. Give me a break.

  10. He’d known all along, but with the help of his new wildgame camera, Santa finally got the proof he needed.

  11. “Awesome party but I found a Hare in the cookies!”

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