Prois Hunting Apparel for Women…Welcome to the Quest

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO
Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

Prois Hunting Apparel for women was launched in 2008. And since then, response to this line has been incredible.  Pronounced “Pro-iss”, Prois is a Gaelic term for pride or prowess.  The word fit perfectly with our vision of what a serious female hunter is about.  A line billed as Serious Huntwear for Real Women, Prois has sparked interest in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the UK.  Frequently asked how we moved into production of high-performance huntwear, we typically quip, “It was the Quest”.  Here is our take of the”Quest”.

I have frequently called it “the Quest”…the quest for great hunting apparel and gear that was designed with a woman in mind.  Throughout years of hunting, I became amazed at the fact that there was literally nothing on the market for women who really hunted.  I have spent a small fortune trying to find clothing designed for a woman, but came up short every time—usually with some sad mess with a waistline up to my breasts and floppy sleeves that were great for keeping my hands warm, but  left something to be desired when it actually came to pulling a trigger.  The “quest” led me to some of the largest sporting good stores noted in the free world…yet still nothing for women.  I found it particularly unusual that many companies not only did not produce clothing for women, they didn’t even make men’s huntwear in size small.  (Wow…I’ll by my hunting photos look like all of yours!)  The “quest” began to become the “obsession” when I noticed that women’s huntwear had to be something of a myth (guarded by a strange wood nymph named Maximillian in distant lands unknown.).  How could it be that men could get the most dynamic and technical huntwear that stops just short of Kevlar and Kryptonite, but women were bundled up like Uncle Eddie, tripping over their pant legs and pulling up their pants every step or two?  (Sound familiar?)

After much time and research, I found what I call the “booty call frustration”.  I skimmed around stores, catalogs, industry magazines, tv shows and even unimaginable hours on the internet.  Did you know it is easier to find camo lingerie than actual, technical gear.  I believe I could outfit myself to work in a strip club faster than I could find something worthy of the hunt.  (As well, numerous male friends have added much input about specific “booty call” items we should add to the line…ahh, my friends, I think it has been done.)  While avoiding all efforts to sound like a frustrated feminist, I found it unreasonable that successful women hunters could not find appropriate gear for their sport, especially in an age where women make up a huge portion of individuals involved in hunting and shooting sports.  Enter Prois…

Simple concept.  Melt together technical hunting components, the most functional fabric available and athletic compositions- combine that with patterns that are made specifically to fit and flatter the female form, and … Voila!  Clothing becomes gear.  We are excited about Prois.  We are certain serious female hunters (whether novice or expert) will love our products.  Each piece is engineered for silence, durability and precision…you won’t find saucy ‘unmentionables’ or pink, fur lined vests. You will only find the most technical and athletic huntwear for women.  (just short of Kevlar and Kryptonite, of course!)

That said, welcome to Prois!

Welcome to the World of Prois

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